why use professional real estate photography

Why use professional real estate photography?

Are you a realtor looking to grab the attention of potential buyers? 

Do you want to make your listing attract prospective buyers but don’t know how to do that? 

What you need is real estate photography service. Hiring an excellent professional real estate photographer might be the difference between selling a home in weeks vs. months. Because of the rising usage of the internet to list and attract potential buyers,  real estate agents are able to grab any opportunity to seal the deal sooner. Unfortunately, the competition had never been this tough before the internet.

If you are a realtor, new to the real estate industry, and need a hand to get used to the latest real estate marketing trends, we are here to help you. 

In this post, you will learn about real estate photography and find an answer to why use professional real estate photography. 

What is real estate photography?

night time photo of a real estate

Real estate photography is commercial photo shooting of real estate property. Professional photographers for real estate shoot photos of the property for marketing purposes. They use their equipment, skills, and expertise to capture the best shots of the properties to impress potential buyers online. They help realtors make the listing stand out and attract potential buyers faster with the photos they shoot.

Professional real estate photos are used on websites and other marketing channels. Buyers use these channels to view and narrow down their property choices. Photographers for real estate listings are responsible for the photos that highlight the features of the property to make it stand out from the rest.

Is it possible for any photographer to shoot professional real estate photos?

With increasing purchasers exploring houses for sale online, high-quality real estate photography is more crucial than ever. Realtors only get one opportunity to make an impression on the listing sites.

Realtor professional photos are supposed to meet the gold standard and have the best shots of the interior and exteriors of the property. Although having specialist equipment is necessary, it is not enough to obtain an extraordinary photograph. In other words, you must have the required skills and expertise to photograph a property in the best available light.

There are technical aspects involved in real estate photography and the concept of lighting, angles, and other factors involved with camera and shooting. It’s the work of a professional. Thus, it is advised to get professionals to do photography for real estate. 

We will discuss the uses of professional real estate photography in this post. 

Why Is Real Estate Photography Essential?

High-resolution photographs give your work a more professional look. The high-quality photos in your portfolio will boost a seller’s confidence in your ability to sell their home for the best price and in the shortest period possible. 

More than half of the industry’s listing agents hire a professional real estate photographer to photograph their property. It’s especially true when you’re selling your real estate property in the most competitive list price range. The more competition there is, the more difficult it is to stand apart. 

If you are still wondering why to use professional real estate photography for your listing marketing, the simple answer is that you want to seem as professional as the other realtors in your area.

Make your listing stand out

You can make your real estate stand out by using professional listing photography. More attractive pictures of the property attract more interested buyers. For example, it may result in a speedier sale of a house. However, according to a recent PR Newswire research, properties with professional real estate photography sold 32% faster than those without professional photos. 

Save yourself time and stress

It takes a long time to take high-quality photos. You must edit and process the images correctly in addition to gathering them. As a realtor, you don’t need more stress or time-consuming activities. Instead, you can use your time with clients and market your houses by assigning these responsibilities to a professional. Photography for real estate done by professional real estate photographers will save your time and from stress.

Higher listing sale

According to a National Association of Realtors study from 2017, properties with realtor professional photos stayed 70 days on the market on an average, while properties with 20 listing photography stayed on the market for 32 days. Professional home photography may help you not only sell your house faster but can also help you get a better deal. You get the gist.

Building your brand

As you get the deal, sell the property fast, you get the reputation through word of mouth. Your customers will recommend you to people in the circle, and if you are an agent for a real estate agency, you get referred more often. That helps you build your brand. However, you can look more useful to clients by employing professional photographs. This might help you justify your commission by demonstrating to sellers that their properties can be promoted to seem attractive, resulting in sales.

Highlight your real estate features

The main reason why use professional real estate photography is that photographers for real estate listings are trained for getting the best features of properties in the best manner. Real estate photography can bring out features of your home. Using natural light to brighten the space, repositioning objects in the house for proper staging, or maximizing the outside of your property is all the expertise of a professional.

Special equipment and training

Professional real estate photo is produced by a photographer who is skilled and qualified to be a visual stager. Any professional photographer for real estate listings can analyze each property space, including unoccupied rooms, to create spectacular images. 

Professional photographers know how to make the most significant light and get the perfect angles. Furthermore, they are trained and experienced at determining which aspects should be emphasized. Finally, a professional real estate photographer can present a property to shine out to purchasers by using post-production tools.

Considerations before hiring a real estate photography agency

The photographs you use to market homes are essential for selling a house. These photographs are the first impression you create on potential clients, and bad images will leave a negative impression that will endure a long time. If you don’t use a professional photographer for all of your listings, you should consider it.

Following are the things you should consider about professional real estate photos: 

  • The most significant feature that prospective buyers check for when looking for a property online is house photos.
  • Professional photographers understand how to shoot photographs and manage all technical aspects, such as providing shots ready to upload to MLS.
  • In addition, experts can deal with any technological challenges that may emerge.


If you are ready to get the expert’s help for real estate photography for your listing, you’ve come across the right company. We have a range of packages to select from, whether you need a basic set of images for MLS or the entire real estate virtual experience. We’d be pleased to assist you in determining what’s best for your listing and pricing range.

Our team of professionals has experience making listings stand out and helping real estate agents reach their deals sooner. If you have any queries and looking for professional real estate photographers Los Angeles, then ask right away!

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