Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question About Our Real Estate Photography

Revepix is a company of talented content media producers in Los Angeles.

We are willing to go extra mile for our clients, pushing very professional delivery times and the best quality. Our professionally shot photos, cinematic video, aerial drone shots, 4k 3D Tours by Matterport, and other services will make you ahead of your competitors.

  • High quality!
  • Professional Photographers
  • Next-day turnaround for Photos and Matterport
  • Excellent customer service

If you want to give us a try, we can provide you our first-time client promo. Feel free to email us at or text/call our company line at (818) 350-3809.

We are dedicated and specializes in real estate marketing content, which includes:

Virtual Staging
Virtual Twilight
Aerial Drone Photography
Aerial Drone Videography
Matterport 3D Tour
2D Floor Plans
Social Media Photo/Video Edits
Listing Websites + Domain Name
Professional and High-Quality Video Productions

High-Quality Photos will help you sell your listing for more. Photos are the most basic material that you need to present to your clients. Poor-quality photos will just give a client an impression that the marketing is low-quality, the listing, and your brand are not good, and the house won’t be as interesting as it should be.

As a consumer, I believe that almost no one is interested if any service doesn’t look good in the pictures. You wouldn’t even order food that doesn’t look tasty.

Video is the most effective way to show how good the house is and help your brand reach its potential. You can post your videos online through social media, email, text, ADS, and reach thousands of people.

Matterport 3D virtual tour is the most effective way for clients to check the property. It allows them to explore the house without going out. Many clients that want to buy a house go to every single property just to see how big it is if it’s the perfect house for them. It also saves you time for accompanying every client that wants to view the house.

Your photos are all taken by our in-house photographers who are dedicated and highly trained to produce High-Quality results. We have a dedicated photo editing team that will produce the highest-quality photos. You will be receiving your perfectly edited photos the next day by noon and the video after 2 days.

We guarantee to deliver everything the next day by noon except for the video, which will be two(2) days after the shoot, but we can rush delivery when requested.

We’re best known for our Consider-It-Sold package consisting of all necessary marketing materials for real estate. You’ll have a total of 65 Photos (45 Professional ground photos, 10 Drone photos, and 10 Twilight Photos), also a cinematic video, Matterport 3D Scan, and a property website.

You can check out our work here:



Matterport 3D Scan, you can check it by going to the bottom of our gallery

Our rates are very competitive for the quality of product we deliver, and we only charge by the number of photos and not by the size of the property.

These are the starting rates for our services, and increase based on the size/scope of the project:

Photography $200+
Video $300+
3D Matterport Virtual Tour $150+
Aerial Drone $150+
Single Listing Website $50+

Our Package bundles are up to 50-70% less compared to our competitors.

Our Consider-It-Sold which consists of every necessary real estate marketing material is just $650 compared to our competitors which costs $1500-$2500.
Our competitors charge from $800-$1000 for just a Photo and Video but you can get it from us for only $450.

To check all of our rates, please go to

We are licensed and insured. Our photographers are licensed with FAA Part 107 certifications. You can expect our team to assist you all thru-out your every shoot in a very professional and respectful way.

To schedule an appointment, simply visit us at and fill out a form to book a stand-alone service or bundle.

We will follow up with you the same day with a booking confirmation via text, phone, and email.

If you have special instructions/requests, please feel free to contact us at (818) 350-3809 and, and we will book the appointment for you.

We understand that some unexpected things can affect your schedule or your availability, so we try our best to be accommodating.

If it’s a weather issue and the photographers won’t be able to take photos/video of the property, we will reschedule to the soonest available appointment.

We require our clients to at least notify us by 8 PM the day before the shoot to reschedule at no charge. We always try to accommodate and be understanding, however, if our team is not notified and we show up and the house is not ready to shoot, we charge a $100 cancellation or postponement fee.

We will create a dedicated website for your listing and the photos, video, and Matterport 3D Tour that you ordered will be posted there.

It’s a simple yet effective marketing strategy, you can always include the link for that website to your social media post, text, or email so your clients will be able to view everything that you have for that listing.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or text/call our company line at (818) 350-3809.

Photo shoots take from .5 – 1.5 hours. Videography could take anywhere from 1 – 2 hours.


We send a dropbox link where you can download your files.

We send you two copies of every image: large for flyers, and small for MLS.