Real Estate Photography Trends 2022

Real Estate Photography Trends 2023

Real estate industry has always been about attractiveness and persuasion. The art of captivating one’s attention is still the core practice of real estate agents. The simple difference is: today, it’s an era of the digital revolution. Photos and videos on online platforms persuade clients now. And to showcase that, there are already numerous real estate photography trends going on right now.

The clients get to witness amazingly created visuals of the property, thanks to the intent of real estate’s persuasive approach and the art of photography. 

And don’t mistake it for assumptions; facts back these. A recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) study showed that 97% of users surfed the internet while buying homes. It further illustrated that 41% of recent buyers had first searched on the internet. The most effective visual content bags more closing of sales for real estate firms. This is no longer rocket science in the real estate industry.

Glamorous HDR photos and fascinating 360-degree tours are the photography trends in the real estate industry nowadays. From stunning landscapes seen through the window to tempting aerial views of the neighborhood, the art of photography is becoming modern and realistic. Technological advancements have brought a whole new set of photography tricks and ideas. These cool innovations are further enhanced and used by real estate firms. And as the industry tries newer ideas and fashions, let’s look into current real estate photography trends.

Digital Marketing

Most of the real estate industry’s leads are generated from social media platforms, as suggested by The 2021 Technology Survey of NAR. It concluded that social media was the leading tech platform to provide agents with the most leads. It showed that 52% of leads generated came through digital platforms.

The current digitized era has industries worldwide shifting their focus to online platforms, and the real estate industry is no exception. Online platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a direct way for potential clients to know about your services. Such social media applications have a massive database with many people spending hours on them, making it an open market for organic leads. 

A strong social media presence allows firms to maintain direct reach and connection with potential clients.

Aerial Shoots

Aerial shoots are a cool new feature that has immediately gained massive popularity in the real estate industry. These visuals show properties from an aerial point of view, allowing clients to get a collective perspective of the property. It allows clients to observe the architecture’s additional features like exterior and neighborhood. It notably shifts the focus on the outdoors, which usually goes unnoticed in real estate live tours. 

Drones have made aerial shoots possible with convenience and affordability. Real estate photography trends nowadays are about quality along with creativity. And since professional industries based on spatial data have certain standards, operators can also equip drones with HD cameras to meet them.

3D Virtual Tours

This modern trend of real estate photography is taking the online real estate market by storm. 3D virtual tours allow 3-dimensional views of a real place for clients while taking virtual stagings. It is created by compressing detailed pictures of the property. The pictures are captured from various angles, like from a 360-degree or a vertical viewpoint. 3D virtual tours make the clients feel the virtual walkthrough like a real-life experience. 

3D tours are designed by adding actual dimensions. This distinguishes 3D virtual tours from normal virtual stagings because clients can actually design the interiors based on their 3D virtual tour experience. It also allows users to see the interior factors, like the corners and walls of the room, in a more detailed way.

Twilight Photography

Twilight photography is a common trait of photography. It is a practice of taking pictures during dusk as it captures an astonishing landscape view. The timing gives perfect light balance for photographers to take cinematic photos. 

Real estate firms seek attractive pictures of the property to persuade online audiences. Twilight photography, thus, is one of the new trends in real estate photography since the pictures have a stunning outlook due to their light composition. The pictures leave an amazing impression of the property to its audiences. To capture such photos, a professional photographer follows different tips.


Virtual Staging

Virtual staging allows an easy tour of the real estate property without the need to be physically present. This feature saves time and cost for both agents and clients as they can show or tour another place from anywhere they are. It allows buyers to independently tour the property from their homes at their own pace and time. Agents can add additional information to the remote walkthrough, giving the clients a detailed understanding of the property’s design and features. There is also a CTA (call-to-action) option for clients just in case they want to talk to an agent. 

Virtual tour software for real estate are in high demand, and it is projected that the virtual tour industry will hit $6.5 billion in 2023 at a 31% CAGR. The practice is an integral part of real estate firms that are on online platforms. 

Mobile Responsive Websites

Mobile phones are the medium for a majority of internet users. Likely, clients will first view the property’s photos on their mobile phones, making it the first point of contact. These factors indicate the value of mobile phones for real estate firms. 

It is important to note that the content published online must be suitable for mobile phones. For instance, the dimensions and pixels of the property’s photo should be precise; if not, the image quality might decrease when viewed from handphones. 

The website must show equal quality when surfed through mobile phones. It is a proven statistic that most online audiences view the content of their interest from mobiles. It has made industries highly regard mobile phone responsive websites. In fact, it is a trend in the real estate industry nowadays to have attractive and fancy websites for mobile phones.

Hiring a Professional

Experience and expertise always bring a lot to the table compared to normal people. Seeking professionals is another never-ending trend in real estate photography. Professional consultation, especially for external factors like photography, is common for corporate firms. Jumping into the current real estate photography trends can directly impact the firms. But one must remember that the quality should not be compromised at any cost amidst the quest to follow these photography trends. A firm’s creativity might attract clients, but it’s the quality that retains and persuades them.

The real estate industry is very competitive and formal. Firms want to ensure they have the highest quality and professional content standards. So most firms usually consult with professionals or directly hire one.

Final Thoughts

The industry of real estate knows that the majority of its current clients are on the internet. And that makes online visual content the focal point of persuasion. So real estate firms try different elements and tools to convince and lure in online audiences with their visuals. We went through a thorough understanding of the real estate photography and its trends in 2022. As firms look to enhance their digital presence, we will definitely see more new trends in the real estate photography industry. 

We at Revepix are on a constant lookout for ways to help and guide people through property photography trends. Our industry-leading experts are known for their service quality and professionalism, you can directly contact us for any issues or queries regarding property photography concerns.

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