Real Estate Photography Pricing

Real Estate Photography Pricing Guide

Opting for real estate photography online might deliver the result, but the know-how of doing it ensures the real estate photography pricing fits your budget. After all, photography might be a new trend in the real estate industry but it is here for the long run.

Ensuring the right photography at a reasonable expense is a must for realtors. It allows you to outsource the property’s photography matters into professional hands while not fearing being overcharged. 

It’s about how you enhance the property photos and whom you choose to do it for. Here’s a good way to gain crucial information as we present our real estate photography pricing guide.

Nowadays, most real estate firms have their websites consisting of beautifully clicked property pictures. Real estate firms very well acknowledge the impact online platforms have as most of their businesses are slowly occurring in and out of the internet. As the competitive industry looks to enhance its photographs constantly, let’s look at the cost it comes with and the factors that shape the cost.

Factor affecting Real estate photography pricing

Location of the property

The locality of your property will affect the price range of various things. For example, the rent you pay in a downtown apartment could cost more than renting a full house in a suburban. Similarly, service providers might vary their real estate photography pricing catalog depending on the property’s location.

Size of the property

The photo’s quality determines the price, and so does the quantity. The quantity is equally proportionate to the effort and time it takes for photographers to capture the entire site. Thus, size of the property directly affects the price.

Number of rooms and levels in the property

Real estate photography requires detailed pictures of the property’s every corner. Photographers will have to personally organize their photography for each room or level with time and consideration. Thus, real estate photography pricing may increase with additional rooms and levels of the property.

Special features of the property (e.g., a pool, a view)

Photography ideas and methods vary according to the site. Some properties have additional features like a pool or garden, while some owners may ask for their specific idea. This will come as an extra cost from the initial price.

Turnaround time for the final photos

A complete picture isn’t produced instantly after the shooting session. It is only the first part of the job and the second part begins with editing. Most photographers usually allocate a normal timeframe beforehand for the final pictures to come back. However, the pricing is varied depending on how urgent the clients request the final product.

Types of Services Offered in Real Estate Photography & Price Range

Real estate photography comprises different variants with the quest of showing different property features in the best way possible. These different types of services need their level of expert individuals. 

Let’s look at the most famous types of services offered in real estate photography and their price range:

Types Of Services Offered In Real Estate Photography

Exterior and Interior Photography

A property’s first impression is crucial in the real estate industry as it directly impacts its likelihood of being sold. Appealing exterior and interior photography attracts clients to online platforms where they casually explore different property options.

Exterior photography shows the architectural design and surroundings, whereas interior photography captures the property’s interior layout and design, like rooms, furniture, and décor. This photography portrays the property’s unique characteristics and accurately showcases its best features.

The price range for exterior and interior comes with an initial flat fee of $150. However, the price may vary depending on the images and square feet covered. You can also enjoy packages that include additional features. 

On average, the real estate photography pricing may range between $150 to $600, depending upon various factors.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography refers to the images and videos captured from a bird’s eye view. These photographs or videos are usually captured through drones. Traditionally, it was done with helicopters or other aerial vehicles, which was massively costly, but thanks to drones nowadays, real estate photography pricing is affordable. 

Drones in real estate photography cover a comprehensive aerial view of the property and its environment and neighborhood. These visuals shift the focus onto the outdoors and the exterior layouts of the property. In addition, it also shows important features relating to the property, like the access roads, surrounding structures, and topographical features. 

The aerial drone photography pricing range at Revepix starts at $150, with a prominent package available at $300. You can also explore additional features with their own added cost.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a digitized creation of an actual property’s interior spaces. It can even add furnished features to an empty room to create an ideal property with realistic interiors. Virtual stagings can be accessed through the internet, meaning clients can remotely view the property in detail from anywhere. In addition, it saves time and cost for both property buyers and real estate agents.

Virtual stagings are created using advanced computer graphics and software. Real estate firms can easily adjust and customize a property’s interior, like furniture, colors, and styles. It is highly popular and demanded in the market for its cost-effective and efficient ability to show an actual property or its potential outlook.

The real estate photography pricing range for virtual stagings at Revepix starts at $150. You can add additional features to your needs with the cost range accordingly.

Twilight Photography

Light composition is one crucial factor in Photography. The time between or after sunset is one of the best times to capture magnificent pictures. Twilight photography in real estate takes photos around dusk to produce stunning images of the property, its architecture, landscape, and outdoor living spaces. 

Photographers take advantage of the natural light at twilight and create amazing pictures showcasing the property’s best qualities. In addition, it allows clients to soothe their mood and ambiance according to the beautiful property images. 

The price for twilight Photography at Revepix starts at $200, and other leads can be added to the feature with their own accounting cost.

Floor plans

Floor plans are a 2D replication of the property’s interiors. It shows the accurate dimensions of a room from an aerial perspective by integrating important technical information about the property and its dimensions. It carefully considers the width of the wall, the room’s surface areas, the positioning of windows and doors, etc.  

Floor plans provide a valuable reference for prospective buyers to get an overview of the room’s space and sizes. In addition, it allows clients to virtually explore the property and design the future interior based on online pictures. 

Floor plans pricing at Revepix starts at $30. But it might require at least one or two other features to complete the shoot, bringing additional costs to the table.

Pricing Strategies in Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography pricing and strategy differ according to the photographer’s experience, equipment, and target market. Real estate photography has its benefits but also comes with specific costs. Here are the pricing strategies of most real estate photography services:

Hourly Rate

Real estate photographers, in general, will charge you according to the hours they’ve spent on the project. This annotates the photographer’s services based on the universal pay hourly practice.

Package Pricing

Most real estate photographers offer a complete package comprising different specific features. The package will contain a set of different photography services at subsidized rates. These real estate photography packages also come in different forms, and users can choose the one they think will benefit their needs.

The Number of Images Delivered

This is a traditional way of pricing photography services. The number of pictures taken will directly stand proportional to the total cost incurred. However, these services are still active, and some photographers set the pricing according to the number of images delivered.

The size of the Property

One prominent factor why any photography service’s pricing range can differ greatly is the size that needs to be covered. A larger area means photographers will have to travel more and spend more time capturing and editing the pictures. The amount of effort taken while photographing a mansion will be higher than photographing a small property because of the difference in size. Thus, the size of the property will directly affect the real estate photography pricing.

Average Real Estate Photography Prices in the U.S.

Different factors such as place, weather, and the photographer’s expertise can all determine the pricing range of real estate photography in the United States. For instance, luxury real estate photography pricing may differ greatly from a normal one, depending on the project’s complexity. On average, here are the market prices of real estate photography services inside the United States of America:  

  • Basic package: $100 to $300
  • Premium Package: $400 to $800
  • Virtual Tour Package: $500 to $1,500
  • Aerial Photography: $300 to $800
  • 360-degree Panoramic Shots: $100 to $300

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Photographer

In 2022 alone, more than half of total property sales inside the United States were on the internet. NAR study showed that more than 51% of homes were bought online in the year, while more than 70% of real estate properties were listed online. 

It proves that having the best quality of property’s clear pictures impacts sales in the real estate industry. Real estate firms need to do a complete background check on the person they hire as photographers because it determines the quality of their property pictures. Therefore, it is highly recommended that firms research the photographer’s profile and see their experience, reputation, and expertise. 

However, it depends on the needs of the organization and the project. For example, commercial real estate photography pricing will not be the same as the pricing of house photography. Instead, firms should be aware of their needs and seek photographers accordingly. 

Hiring a photographer should be easy as most professional photographers have their profiles to showcase their ability, quality, and cost. And, if the hiring process does get through, these range of questions might be helpful to ask beforehand: 

  1. Examples of your previous work
  2. Years of experience they carry as a real estate photographer
  3. Types of equipment they use
  4. Their process for editing and enhancing photos
  5. If they offer virtual tours and aerial Photography or not
  6. A list of references from clients they’ve worked for before
  7. Their policy on revisions and retakes
  8. The normal time it takes for them to provide final photos
  9. Their availability on weekends or evenings
  10. A detailed list of their pricing and services

The pricing will again vary depending on the nature of the work. But you can casually discuss it and negotiate a deal that best suits both parties.


Real estate photography pricing depends upon an array of factors directly proportional to the photographer’s profile, the equipment they use, and the services they offer. Photographers must know the target audience and market competition before setting a price. For quality real estate photography, it is highly recommended that firms hire a professional photographer.  

Real estate photography pricing comes in different methods that vary on the services. On this article, we’ve dived in-depth to cover the different real estate photography’s price range and services.  

If you’re looking for professional photography services for your real estate needs, contact us today at Revepix.

FAQs of Real Estate Photography Pricing

Real Estate video pricing depends upon the project’s complexity, the photographer’s experience and reputation, and the desired final product. However, on average, real estate photography pricing in California can range between $500 to $2500 but can go even higher depending upon added features. For example, some companies may offer packages or flat fees like the complete cinematic video option we provide at Revepix for $300.

Virtual tours, on average, can cost from $200 to $1000 inside Los Angeles. The tour’s pricing is directly proportional to the size needed to be covered, the property’s location, project complexity, the level of customization required, the amount of detail desired to be digitized, and the service provider’s reputation. 

A photography pricing guide should have comprehensive information about the cost incurred on the photographer’s services. It should include the photographer’s hourly or session price, the price of the digital copies, editing fees, and additional travel costs. They should also provide information on the payment methods requested, the time allocation to receive final photos, terms and conditions, cancellation policies, and copyright ownership.

Generally, the best time for real estate photography is late morning or early afternoon, as it provides soft, natural light without harsh shadows. However, location, property type, and desired lighting conditions can sometimes differ.

Aerial Photography captures aerial footage of a site or an object using a drone equipped with a camera. The footage includes different forms and features like 3D view, time-lapse, cinematic video, etc. The footage is edited and processed to achieve the desired objectives. 

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