Our professional photo editors will reproduce realistic-looking interior designs to create a visually appealing home in as little as 24 hours.
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Virtual Home Staging

Virtual staging provides something to a listing that photo and video alone can’t quite accomplish. That is, it brings life to an empty space. With virtually added furniture, decorations and elements of life any empty space can be presented as lively and cozy.

This is what buyers want to see, feel and experience when they are looking for new property and that’s what, as a realtor, you want to give them.

Despite how it may seem, there’s no magic. Just a little bit of expertise in photo editing; something we are known for.

With Revepix by your side, you no longer need to set aside a budget and time for staging your property. Our professional photo editors will reproduce realistic-looking interior designs to create a visually appealing home in as little as 24 hours.

Our virtual catalogue of furniture gives you the flexibility and freedom to choose a style that fits best with your needs. If you don’t want to list out the furniture you would like from our catalogue, you are also welcome to provide simple guides for the aesthetic you are aiming for and we will do the rest!

Why Choose virtual Staging?

Gone are the days when you had to deal with interior designers, rent costly furniture and decorations, and wait for it to all be installed. Just with a few clicks and tweaks, any room can be made to look classy, elegant, and desirable. That’s not the only benefit of virtual staging though. Here are just a few other things to consider:

  • Virtual staging helps prospective clients get a better idea of the possibilities for the empty spaces of the house – to better put them emotionally into what you are offering them
  • It helps save money with a much more cost-effective alternative to traditional staging.
  • With Revepix, you can have your staged photographs as fast as 24 hours – which is faster than the market standard turnaround time.
  • As all of this is done through computerized processes, there’s no chance of risking damage to your property, unlike traditional staging.
We’ve written a detailed article on the benefits of virtual staging in real estate. The article contains the top 10 benefits your real estate property will get after being virtually staged.

Virtual Staging Pricing & Packages

The cost of service varies depending upon the extent and complexity of touch-ups that go into its making. At Revepix, we assure you of complete satisfaction with the results.

Revepix offers a premium virtual staging service starting at $30 a photo. For larger, bulk orders (of 6 or more photos), that price is reduced to only $25 a photo.


$ 150

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FAQs about Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a computerized method of showcasing individual spaces as fully furnished. You decide which photos from the initial shoot you would like to see staged and our editors do the rest!

On average it can cost anywhere from $50-$75 per staged image, depending on the complexity of modifications required. However here at Revepix, our virtual staging starts out at just $30 per photo with larger orders being discounted as low as $25 per photo.

Virtual staging is one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways of alluring buyers with a catchy listing. Because of its beneficial nature, most of our realtor clients order virtual staging from us.

Of course! Interiors styled as per your design, in a small fraction of the cost and time and without the slightest possibility of any physical damage to the property: What’s not to love?

Virtually staging allows you to present a property at it’s best – showcasing a lived-in and homely environment rather than just plain, empty rooms. It gives your potential buyers a better picture of the possibilities of the spaces you are presenting to them.