Photgraphers at Revepix captures the best photos usually around sunset when the sky is either lit in a cool bright blue and purple or a warm red and orange.
Twilight Real Estate Photography Service by Revepix

Twilight Real Estate Photography

It’s that moment right as the sun begins to set. You look up and the sky is painted in colorful brush strokes of purple, orange and blue. It’s something directly off the silver screen. 

This is what the exceptional photographers at Revepix are trained to capture and without any of the hindering noise that less experienced photographers might accidentally capture from shooting in low light situations. 

We determine the best-suited window of time for the shoot. Usually around sunset when the sky is either lit in a cool bright blue and purple or a warm red and orange. See the contrast between the natural colors of the sky alongside the luminescent artificial lights of the property itself. Showcase the stunning features of your property like pools, fire pits, exterior lights, and the interior lights of the property itself. 

Why Choose Twilight Real Estate Photography?

There’s nothing quite like the stunning colors during a sunset in LA to really capture the beauty of a property. Set against this natural backdrop, any house will shine.

So, here’s why you should opt for Twilight Real Estate Photography for your property:

  • Showcase hidden aspects of a home that might not be visible in daylight. It might include luxury lighting, a well-lit backyard garden, a nice view of the sunset, a glowing fire pit, etc.
  • It gives your property an unmatched elegant and classy look.
  • Your listings will be a magnet for prospective clients given twilight photography’s aesthetic brilliance, bringing more clicks on your ad.

Twilight Real Estate Photography Pricing & Packages

We pride ourselves on the quality products we produce here at Revepix. Our team of expert photographers take their job seriously and it shows in the photos they are proud to deliver to our clients.

Quality isn’t all we can promise either! Everything we do, we offer at extremely competitive prices, including our twilight photography!

Revepix charges $200 for twilight real estate photography, which includes:

  • Up to 30 minutes on site
  • 10 photos
  • Sky replacement
  • Large & MLS size photos
  • Photoshop color correction

Twilight Photos

$ 200
  • 10 Photos
  • Sky Replacement
  • Large & MLS size Photos​
  • Photoshop Color Correction​
  • Up To 30 Minutes On site ​

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FAQs for twilight real estate photography

Twilight real estate photography is taken in the moments right before or during sunset when the sky is a mix of brilliant colors. Depending on the day, this can range from cool blues and purples to warm reds and oranges. Because of the natural variance to this type of photography, no two shoots will be alike, leaving you with unique photos to accompany your unique listing.

The magic hour of twilight shooting is roughly 15 minutes before full sunset. During this time, the sky is its most vibrant.

We charge only $200 for our twilight real estate photography.