Real Estate Photography San Diego

san diego property photographed by revepix

Real Estate Photography in San Diego

If you’re a real estate agent or want to sell a home in San Diego, we have the perfect service for you.

Revepix has been the leading aerial photography/videography company in San Diego for 10 years. We can help make your listings stand out from the rest by providing high-quality images of your properties to potential buyers. Our team has over 10  years of experience and will work closely with you to ensure that every image and video we take is exactly what you need it to be! Our drones capture stunning images from every angle, providing you with an immersive experience that can’t be matched by traditional methods. 

We offer a variety of packages so you can pick one that fits your needs perfectly, no matter what they are! For instance, high-quality aerial images of homes that are used for marketing, listing presentations, and virtual tours.

Our Real Estate Photography Services in San Diego

Commercial Real Estate Photography

Our team of expert photographers captures every detail of your commercial property so you can show it off with confidence. Whether you want aerial shots or interior photos – we do it all! Our commercial photography packages are perfect for offices, warehouses, and manufacturing. They can also be used in retail or restaurant settings as well!

Real Estate Virtual Staging

Turn your photos of vacant properties into appealing, virtual-staged houses that sell faster for a higher price. Our Real Estate Virtual Staging enables you to inexpensively and easily stage your property to attract potential buyers online. We even have a catalog of furniture you can choose from!

Twilight Real Estate Photography

There is nothing quite like a sunset in San Diego. With twilight photography, you get the benefits of the natural beauty of the sky at twilight to help your property shine. Photographs taken at this time of day also help to highlight special features of the property such as fire pits, pools and any exterior lighting. Help your property stand out against the competition by booking a twilight session with us today!

Real Estate Drone Photography and Videography

We specialize in capturing stunning aerial footage of your home. With our real estate drone photography and videography services, we can give you an edge over competing properties by providing unique visuals that showcase the features and benefits of your property from above. Help your clients fall in love with the location and not just the home!

Residential Real Estate Photography

Our team of expert photographers captures every detail of your residential property so you can show it off with confidence. Whether you want aerial shots or interior photos – we do it all! We capture the spirit and feel of your home through our creative compositions, angles, and flow.


FAQs About Real Estate Photographer San Diego

How to choose a real estate photographer in San Diego?

The most important thing, however, is that you feel comfortable with the photographer and can trust their abilities.  It is also important to research the photographers’ portfolios, reviews, and with regards to photography skills and pricing.

Why real estate photography is important in San Diego?

When selling your home, it is essential to have good photographs. This will help potential buyers become familiar with what they can expect before buying. Therefore,  a good photograph is key to marketing your home for sale and making a great first impression. The majority of buyers are shopping online so it’s urgent to prioritize good imagery and marketing.

How much does a real estate photographer cost in San Diego?

Real estate photography can cost you anywhere between $100-$150/hr on average and the price may vary for an extensive package (e.g including drone shots or video). You can be charged by the hour, or you can ask for a fixed price.

Why choose professional photography for real estate in San Diego?

Homes that are listed using professional images tend to sell faster. Studies have shown that professional real estate photography can help a listing sell around 50% faster than comparable homes without professional photography. Your listing photos can have a huge impact on potential buying.

Do you provide photography service for real estate other than in San Diego?

Yes, we do. We provide real estate photography services in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks, and Torrance.