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Revepix, a top-notch real estate photography and videography firm, is dedicated to delivering exceptional property images and videos. We are proud to offer premier real estate photography services in Torrance.

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Real Estate Photography in Torrance

At Revepix, we pride ourselves on being the go-to choice for real estate photography and videography services in Torrance. Our team of experts possesses over a decade’s experience and a knack for stunning visuals that showcase a property’s best features.

Creating captivating real estate imagery is an art form and crucial in attracting potential buyers. With that in mind, Revepix has crafted services that go above and beyond current market standards for high-definition and top-quality images. The importance of making a property stand out in a crowded market is immense, and our assistance will provide favorable results.

The main goal is to assist clients in standing out and improving the property’s overall impression. We use our specialized skills to create a timeless, inviting, and detailed look for real estate, highlighting the key features in a visually pleasing way. Your property is presented in the best possible light, making it more attractive to potential buyers in the highly-competitive online market. While keeping up with the current trends, we also use cutting-edge technology to maximize conversion rates.

Our expert team creates visually pleasing digital versions of your property using innovative techniques. Aiming to exceed industry expectations, the expertise, and experience we have garnered serve as proof of validity. Get in touch with us today and showcase your property in the best quality possible. Revepix will surely provide you with the best real estate photography service in Torrance.

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Our Services

Commercial/Residential Photography

Revepix's team is famously acknowledged for capturing detailed and comprehensive photographs and videos of your property, including interior, exterior, and aerial perspectives. It's achieved by utilizing innovative compositions, perspectives, and layouts to present the property attractively. On our journey to showcase the elegance and atmosphere of your residential or commercial property, we use creative compositions, angles, and natural flow. Revepix's primary objective is to display the sophistication and ambiance of your residential or commercial property and the reason our Torrance real estate photography services excel in successfully boosting your space's appeal. Schedule a photography session with us today and boost your chances of a successful property sale.

Matterport Virtual Tour (3D)

In the competitive Torrance real estate market, it's important to stay up-to-date. One way to do this is using the high-end Matterport Virtual Tours in property presentations. At Revepix, our experts create high-quality scans of properties, including multi-dimensional video and accurately measured 2D floor plans. It enables potential buyers to have a comprehensive and immersive experience of the property. Our Matterport 3D scan deals are budget-friendly, starting at just $150 for properties up to 1500 sq ft. It also includes easy and convenient hosting for a period of three months. In addition to our 3D scans, Revepix provides floor plans, YouTube slideshows, and the service for virtual tours in Torrance. From start to finish, we guarantee you top-notch industry-standard services

Twilight Photography

The outstanding twilight photography services in Torrance set us at a unique part of the competitive property listing market. Our twilight photos beautifully showcase the property's exterior, drawing attention to standout features like fire pits, lighting, and pools. These captivating images are certain to draw the focus of potential customers. The combination of your property's surroundings and the stunning sunset at Torrance elevates its worth compared to other options. This exceptional property photography approach has set our standard in Torrance's crowded real estate market. Along with highlighting the property's ambiance and atmosphere, we also capture the magic of dusk, acknowledging the potential of lasting impressions on prospective clients.

Aerial Photography And Videography

Aerial shots provide an uncommon view not easily seen by the human eye, making it a highly in-demand approach in recent times. With that in mind, our team of experts has developed the required skills to capture breathtaking Torrance aerial photography, offering a clear perspective of the property and its surroundings. Our real estate drone photography Torrance service effectively distinguishes your property from top-tier competitors. Aerial video and photo depictions offer a unique view that cannot be equaled by ground footage or traditional techniques. Showcasing the property's appeal and location highlights in such an eye-catching way is sure to attract potential buyers and keen inquiries. Revepix is committed to boosting your conversion rate with futuristic tools and techniques.

Virtual Staging

Residents and real estate agents in Torrance no longer need to fret about vacant properties appearing desolate and unattractive. Instead, Revepix's experts utilize top-notch software to elevate the look of these empty properties. Our Torrance virtual home staging begins with incorporating virtual furnishings and decorations to modify the colors and appearance of the whole place. It mainly provides the opportunity to boost the property's attractive appeal further. The virtual service clearly eliminates the requirement for conventional staging techniques, lowering the expenses and difficulties associated with maintenance and real-life furnishing. Our Torrance offering presents a broad selection of furniture and accessories choices for clients to select from, granting a window of opportunity to personalize their property virtually and make it more attractive for prospective purchasers to explore.

Property Website

The daily influx of property listings is tremendous in today's digital age. To stand out, Revepix provides a service that gives clients complete control over their property's online appearance. Our team of specialists excels in crafting contemporary and user-friendly real estate websites optimized for search engines. These websites are carefully constructed to capture clients' attention in the highly competitive area of Torrance property marketing outlets. Our Real estate websites are developed with all the essential information in one location, increasing ease of access. They consist of videos, 3D tours, photos, floor plans, and more, providing buyers with a wealth of detailed property documentation. These property websites also strengthen real estate agents' online presence since the majority of homebuyers research properties online before physically visiting them.



Revepix understands the presentation’s crucial role in attracting potential buyers to a property. Our experts use top-notch real estate photography, videography, 3D virtual staging, and other relevant services to showcase the property in its most appealing form. We offer to increase the curiosity of inquirers and convert them into potential buyers.

  • Our Matterport virtual tours provide clients an exceptionally engaging experience while exploring properties.
  • We have a proven record of increased engagement on real estate platforms such as Redfin and Zillow.
  • Numerous personalized packages cater to each client’s specific requirements.
  • We also utilize state-of-the-art technology aligning with the current market trends.

Aiming to remain at the forefront of the industry, Revepix has employed creative and unique methods of property presentations. Our services are crafted to generate increased interest in the form of inquiries and convert them later into actual buyers. Rest assured; our extensive experience ensures the best property highlighting in the market.

Contact us now to get the best real estate photography in Torrance. Our office is located at 19400 Business Center Drive #115, Los Angeles, US, and is conveniently accessible from Long Beach and Sawtelle.

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For the past 5 years we’ve been using Revepix to do all our photography and videography. Our team uses them and everybody we know uses them. I recommend it. 


Revepix is great. They are Covid compliant. They come with masks; they are well-equipped. 

Pictures, videos, and turnaround time are amazing. I’m happy to use them, and I recommend you guys use them as well.

Danny Umana

What an amazing experience! I got an email from reve about there promotion and I called right away. They were able to do the full drone package just 1 day after. The pictures were even more amazing! I got a drone video in Canyon Country for my listing, for such an amazing price. They even gave me a website included for the house.
David B.

The single best real estate photography, video, and drone images I have ever used.  Daniel communicates quickly, is easy to schedule and deal with, and he makes the most beautiful photos for our listings.  His prices are reasonable, and he goes out of his way to accommodate.

Henry C
We requested the matterport 3d virtual tour service to sell our house, and they did everything. Hence, the house looked realistic, and you could examine every single bit of it! There was no need for huge queues for the house tours because they could see everything online, and only visitors with serious intentions contacted us to arrange a house tour. Thank you, Revepix - the best real estate photography Los Angeles agency.
Nate Avery
Excellent Job! The photographer was on time, professional, the photos themselves turned out great, and the turn time was outstanding. Your hard work does not go unnoticed! We mainly do loans, but whenever we have a listing we will use you!
Matt L.

See Our Photo Editing Expertise

Our photographers have expertise in enhancing the homey spirit of your space. We are a highly equipped team with advanced post-shoot editing experience, specializing in interior, exterior, and aerial photography.

You can go through our portfolio and check out some before and after shots.

twilight real estate photography non edited by revepixtwilight real estate photography edited by revepix
real estate photography non edited by revepixreal estate photography edited by revepix
indoor real estate photography non edited by revepixindoor real estate photography edited by revepix

Our Pricing

35 Professional Photos

$ 200

50 Professional Photos

$ 250

Twilight Photos

$ 200

Drone Photos

$ 150

Note*: Add On Change costs additional $40

Real Estate Photographer Torrance FAQs

Revepix provides professional-grade real estate photography at a cost-effective price, with standard packages beginning from just $200. Additionally, we offer flexible options and tailored packages to meet your specific needs.

Images are an effective means of communication in the digital age. Possessing high-quality pictures of your property is crucial for successful marketing and sales in Torrance.

Choosing a real estate photographer in Torrance is straightforward. You can browse online for photographers’ portfolios, customer reviews, photography abilities, and pricing on photography websites or turn to a professional service like Revepix for expert guidance.

Properties with professionally captured, high-quality photos are more likely to sell faster and at a premium price. Failing to have professional photos taken can negatively impact your chances of making a successful sale in a crowded market.

Yes, Revepix has professional website design services developed especially for property listings.

At Revepix, we are committed to offering photography services in Torrance and across the USA, including places like Long Beach, Calabasas, San Diego, and many others

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