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Real Estate Photography in Pasadena

Revepix, a real estate photography/videography company, has been leading Pasadena for 10 years and can provide high-quality images of properties with stunning footage that any competitor will not match! 

Our experienced real estate photographers in Pasadena work together closely, ensuring every video or photo we take is just what you need to create a solid first impression on prospective buyers. 

Revepix strives to ensure our offered real estate photography services in Pasadena exceed the industry standard and surpass your expectations. With tech-forward, unrivaled quality products, and customer service, we provide stunning pictures and immersive video experiences that will help give your property listing the upper hand over others. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else on the market now.

Our Real Estate Photography Services in Pasadena

Commercial Real Estate Photography

With so many listings online, we understand how important it is to make that powerful first impression. Our high-quality images and professional editing will attract qualified prospective buyers like a magnet. Our team of expert photographers captures every detail of your commercial property with the most authentic lighting so you can show it off with confidence. Unique angled-aerial shots or spectacular interior photos – we do it all! Our commercial photography packages are perfect for all types of businesses.

Real Estate Virtual Staging

We use industry standard software to turn your photos of vacant properties into irresistible interiors and exteriors by virtually staging them. Our virtual staging service enables you to stage your property as quickly as within 24 hours - all without the hassles and pricing of traditional staging. We even offer a catalog of furniture you can choose from!

Twilight Real Estate Photography

While browsing through 100’s of listings, allure your buyer to click on your property with a unique set of exterior photos taken at twilight. Twilight photos make the exterior of a property shine while highlighting special features such as fire pits, pools and exterior lighting. This along with the backdrop of a gorgeous Pasadena sunset and we are sure your property can compete effectively in such a fierce digital market.

Real Estate Drone Photography and Videography

We specialize in creating and delivering comprehensive video and photo packages captured with every property detail in mind. Get yourself stunning aerial footage of your home today to help it stand out from listings utilizing traditional photography only. Let your buyers fall in love with your property as well as it’s stunning location!

Residential Real Estate Photography

Our expert photographers capture the spirit and feel of your home through creative compositions, angles, and flow. Our photographers are professional artists that strive to really capture each home they visit and it shows in the results!Our residential photography packages are perfect for single-family homes and individual condo units that are located within Pasadena.


FAQs About Real Estate Photographer Pasadena

How much does a real estate photographer cost in Pasadena?

Our real estate photography can cost as little as $200 for a standard set of photos. We have several other packages and add-ons available for you to increase the effectiveness of your listing. This allows you to customize and choose an option that works best for you and your clients’ needs and budget!

Why is real estate photography important in Pasadena?

When looking to sell your home, it is mandatory to have good photographs. Most buyers are searching online long before they even consider reaching out for a tour. If you want your property to stand a chance against the competition, you need to stand out.

How to choose a real estate photographer in Pasadena?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the photographer and trust their abilities. It is also essential to research the photographers’ portfolios, reviews, photography skills, and pricing if budget is a concern.

Why use professional photography for real estate in Pasadena?

Homes that are listed using professional images tend to sell faster for better deals. Don’t hurt your chances of a great sale by choosing to ignore this important step.

Do you provide real estate photography services other than in Pasadena?

Yes, we do. We provide real estate photography services in Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks, and Torrance.