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Top 5 real estate virtual tour software in 2023

Real estate virtual tour software creates a ‘digital twin,’ a 360-degree digital copy of the actual site or a site yet to be built. The high-resolution digital copy allows real estate firms to show properties to clients remotely and gives buyers a realistic feel while touring the property. The clients can observe the place on their own time at their own pace. It improves the customer experience and increases conversion rates. 

Industries based on spatial data (using geographical or location) find virtual staging valuable because of its convenience and efficiency. And though there are numerous free virtual tour software for real estate, the industry demands the best virtual tour software solutions. Thus, the virtual tool software world has rising competition in an ever-growing era of technological advancements. 

Before diving into the the top 5 virtual tour software, let’s have a look at brief introduction about virtual tour software.

Virtual Tour software produces a digital duplicate of a real site that anyone can see from their phones and computers. It takes 360 panoramic photos and infrared 3D scans of the place to create a realistic computerized copy. The virtual tours are viewed in 360 degrees, making the remote experience feel like an actual one. 

Business entities nowadays use virtual tour software solutions to their advantage, and it has been common in industries like real estate, tourism, architecture, etc. There are different benefits regarding it. So, what are those benefits?

Benefits of Virtual Tour Software

Virtual reality is becoming more popular with industries that use spatial data like real estate. One of the prominent examples of virtual reality in real estate are virtual tours. Virtual tours have several benefits as they enhance modern corporate houses with convenience and a better ROI. Let’s dive into other benefits of virtual tour software:

  • Delivers a better conversion rate. 
  • Time efficient. 
  • Cost-effective.
  • Increases website traffic. 
  • An approach different from the competitors. 
  • Increased convenience.
  • Get quality backlinks.

Virtual Tour Software For Real Estate

There are numerous virtual tour software for real estate industries, and we have reviewed the premium ones. Here are our top 5 real estate virtual tour software as per our industry experience:

Matterport 3D

Matterport generates a high-quality 3-dimensional digital twin of real pictures, allowing a 360-degree view. It was one of the most used real estate virtual tour software in 2022. The software integrates visual content with precise details, allowing an authentic user experience.

Key Features

  • Matterport creates an exact copy of the place or the site planned to be built. The digital copy allows real estate firms to demonstrate or market their properties. It is suitable for professions that use spatial data. Architecture, engineering, and the hospitality sector are a few other examples.
  • Matterport customizes the content based on its size. It has a team of experienced professionals to help businesses adjust the software according to their needs.
  • For instance, Capture Technicians are one such designation. They will take pictures of the whole site on the firm’s behalf to ensure a professional output.


Matterport can be enabled with 6 subscription models and 4 pro camera options. The subscription models are: 

  • Free Subscription Model: This feature of Matterport is free and allows 2 users with 1 active space. The package works only with mobile and 360 cameras.
    Price: $0.00USD/Per Month (FREE) 
  • Starter Subscription Model: This subscription plan allows 2 users and 5 active spaces. It is compatible with mobile, capture services, transferred Pro2 and Pro3 digital twins, and supported cameras.
    Price: $9.99USD/Per Month
  • Professional Subscription Model: This professional model has all features of the starter model. It works with mobile and all other supported camera devices and allows 25 active spaces with 5 users. In addition, it has added cool Matterport-engineered features like Express Schematic floors plan, Matterport TruePlan, etc.
    Price: $69.00USD/Per Month 
  • Professional Plus: This plan has all the same features as the Professional model. In addition, It allows 50 active spaces and 5 users, thus being an upgraded version of Professional models.
    Price: $129.00USD/Per Month
  • Business: This version is a prototype of Professional plans but allows up to 125 active spaces. Professional plans and Business plans have the same features.
    Price: $309.00USD/Per Month 
  • Business Plus: The Business Plan is another elite model based on features of the Professional Plan but with 300 active spaces.
    Price: $689.00USD/Per Month
  • Enterprise Services: Enterprise Service is the most premium version, designed for top MNCs and big corporate houses. It suits different sizes and is built with enterprise-grade security, advanced admin features, and enhanced enterprise services. The price range varies depending on the business’s nature; contact them directly for a consultation. 

Camera options

The four camera options at Matterport are Matterport Pro3, Matterport Pro2, Ricoh Theta Z1, and Insta361 X2. Matterport Pro3 is available at $5995.00, Matterport Pro2 at $3395.00, Richo Theta Z1 at $1049.95, and Insta361 X2 at $429.99. 


Matterport’s diverse usage varies depending on the organization’s needs. For example, a professional real estate virtual tour requires better quality than normal tours. Matterport allows smartphone pictures, and users can create regular virtual tours too. These features let real estate agents create, market and operate the virtual staging according to their needs. But,  Matterport recommends using professional Matterport cameras and their expert’s instructions to create a quality virtual tour for real estate agents. So it depends on how the user wants to use the virtual tour software.  

We at Revepix provide expert virtual tours using Matterport. We are providing Matterport Virutal Tour as our part of real estate photography services for the last 7 years. 

Matterport is also used in other industries, such as hospitality and tourism. The virtual tour software is best recommended for professional projects. 


Klapty allows a convenient user experience by accepting captured images from all devices. Moreover, Klapty is an online application that can even use 2D pictures. Its user interface is easier than most of its competitors, and it already has over 40,000 users in 166 countries. 

It is preferred by industries such as real estate, tourism, web agencies, or any individual in general that wants to digitize their business presence.

Key Features

  • It allows users to upload unlimited virtual tours, 
  • Users can add background music or voiceover and enhance the picture/video. 
  • The software’s most attractive feature is that it allows one to search and find virtual tours and add contact information and backlinks. Such features give Klapty and its contents better visibility in search engines.


Klapty is available in 3 different subscription forms: Free unlimited, Pro unlimited, and Gold unlimited. The users can pay the fees for the subscription either monthly or annually:

  • Free Unlimited Subscription Model: The first subscription option is free to everyone
  • Pro Unlimited Subscription Model: The second is The Pro Unlimited plan, with three different payment methods.

Total fee for a year: $99.00
A one-time payment: $499.00.
$8.25/per month if billed yearly.
$9.90/per month if billed monthly. 

  • Gold unlimited Subscription Model: Gold Unlimited is the third and last subscription plan with the same payment methods.

Total fee for an annual year: $499.00

One-time payment: $2399 

$41.58/Per month, if billed monthly

$49.90/Per month if billed annually.


Klapty is a virtual staging application popular because of its easy usability. It is free and does not require the user to have any technical skills to operate. Anyone can easily create and display a virtual tour with Klapty.


iStaging is another virtual tour software that provides 360 virtual tours with ease and affordability. The software solution established in 2014 is from Taiwan and operates in over 180 countries, with a primary focus on real estate firms, architects, and photographers. 

Key Features

  • iStage has a convenient smartphone application. 
  • Users can record panorama phones directly from their phones and add/customize them to the virtual staging as the composition’s web framework compresses the pictures. 
  • Allows anyone to make virtual tours from their handphones without 360-degree cameras. 
  • It has useful tools like Rotator, a 360-degree rotating base that holds the phone or cameras when taking pictures. Rotator allows users to take 360-degree pictures from their phones without needing special 360-degree cameras.


iStage has 3 subscription models:

  • Pay by Usage Subscription Model: Pay by usage is the starting subscription package with an online editing platform, a smartphone-capturing application, and Google street view. This feature is ideal while showcasing properties. 

Price: $5.00/Per month

  • Standard Subscription Model: The Standard subscription model is mid-level oriented and has all the elements available in the Pay by Usage feature. It has added features like advanced tag features, a live video communication tool, and a free onboarding session. The plan is ideal for showrooms. 

Price: $55.00/Per month

  • Business Subscription Model: The business plan is the premium subscription plan at iStaging and comprises all the features in the Standard subscription model. The software provides additional benefits like a sub-account management conference tool, narrator function, and advanced analytics—ideal for real estate agents to host and interact with clients. 

Price: $95.00/Per month

  • TourRing is another package that users can easily buy separately in iStaging, and it is a premium subscription that gives 500 extra added minutes into the plan. 


iStaging is the most convenient tool for virtual staging in terms of usability. The integration process accepts photos from the simplest of handphones. The virtual touring software does not require fancy 360-degree cameras, nor does it require the users to learn how to use the software. 

It also has a consistently upgraded smartphone application, allowing users to easily host or change programs through their phones.

My360 Virtual Tour Software

My360 virtual tour software is another easy and affordable virtual touring software. The cloud-based virtual staging solution designs its products for industries like real estate, interior designing, photography, education, etc. 

Key Features

  • My360 allows users to upload floor plans, add details, and customize tours. 
  • The software provides features like call-to-action (CTA) buttons. 
  • It allows free Live Video Chat on virtual tours, allowing precise and improved guidance.
  • Users can add Pop Ups with videos, texts, and still images.
  • Tour operators can also add descriptions or links to their websites and social media channels. 
  • My360 virtual tour software can also be bought on white labels, allowing users to enhance their branding.


My360 Virtual Tour Software comes with a flat subscription fee of $37, which can be paid monthly or annually. The software has different designs according to the industry. 

My360 Virtual Tour Software also provides 2 weeks of free trials


Virtual staging can be easily created and customized with 360º or DSLR cameras in My360. One of its main features is that the users can design unlimited interactive tours.

Kuula is one of the best-selling and reviewed real estate virtual tour software, a cloud-based application, and is famous for its easy usage. Its other major selling sectors are industries in real estate, hospitality, architecture, education sectors, etc.

  • It has a specific feature known as The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The feature allows tour operators to add customized logos to the tour, increasing the operator’s brand value. 
  • It allows adding features like floor plans, maps, labels, images, background audio, or hotspots to the virtual tour. 
  • Allows users to embed the additional features into their websites, increasing the firm’s audience engagement rates. 

Price Range

Kuula is available with 3 subscription plans:

  • Free Subscription Mode: This is a free subscription package and allows up to 100 uploads each month. 
  • Pro Subscription Model: Designed for top-level industries like real estate.
    Price: $16/Per month 
  • Business Subscription Model: Designed for mediocre industries.
    Price: $36/Per month 


Kuula has a first-class editor function, which allows editors to create and edit 360-degree virtual tours conveniently. The virtual staging is compatible with mobile phones, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Go. 

How to choose the best virtual software?

Choosing the best virtual tour software depends on the user’s usability and convenience. There are several virtual tour software meant for specific industries or sizes.

For example, some virtual tour applications are designed for normal people, while some are designed for particular industries. Virtual tour software like Matterport is designed for professional firms that use spatial data, like real estate firms. It is one of the best real estate virtual tour software and has been engineered to suit the professional world and its high standards. These brands are costlier than the others but give a full professional experience.  Other famous virtual tour software like My360, Klapty, etc., can also integrate into professional systems. But these software allow the easiest user experiences, making them usable for all individuals or firms. 

Depending on the need and suitability of the organization, users can explore different options and choose the best virtual tour software. For example, the 5 best real estate virtual tour software of 2022 has already been described.


Virtual tour software are a game changer in the real estate industry. It has made traditional real estate business practices slowly fade away. Realtors have already felt the impact of virtual reality because of its good conversion and interest generation, as it brings a high ROI. As virtual tour software gains more popularity, the demand for quality software is also rising. 

Above, we’ve uncovered the Top 5 Best Virtual Tour Software for Real Estate in 2022. But with the fierce competition, we can imagine even better virtual tour software coming out in 2023

FAQs of Virtual Tour Software

Yes, users can easily access virtual tour software from mobile devices. Most virtual tour software will have its own smartphone application.

Virtual tour creates a digitalized duplicate of an actual site, meaning that anybody can show clients or colleagues the actual or proposed place from anywhere they are. It solves the problem of needing to be physically present.

Virtual tours have a few disadvantages because they lack firsthand human interaction. The viewers won’t be able to see the neighborhood or the natural environment or have conversations with the landlord or the previous owner.

Some virtual software companies design specific virtual touring applications or subscription packages targeting business firms and corporate offices. The standard or quality of such software tool is office oriented and known as virtual estate office.

A personal walkthrough of a property assisted by a person (usually an agent) is called a live tour. This practice is famous in industries that use spatial data, but it can be used by anyone who wants to show someone around the property.

A 3D virtual tour shows the property to clients through 3D pictures and videos. Clients or businesses can do the tour from anywhere worldwide as it is a digitized program, mostly on online platforms. The software takes or collects 360-degree pictures and creates a virtual tour. Real Estate firms use most virtual touring software as the agents and clients can roam around the place without needing to be present. 

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