Great real estate photography can make or break a property listing.

It’s worth making sure your photos are up to par, especially if you’re trying to sell real estate property, including preparing your home for real estate photos.

This professional real estate photography checklist will help ensure that your pictures look great and showcase your real estate property in the best possible light.

Real Estate Photography Checklist

As photographers, we require some preparations done and confirmed before the photoshoot begins. We have prepared these checklists for realtors, photographers and sellers so that everything goes smoothly on shoot day without anyone feeling stressed.

It is usually best to start with general cleaning and decluttering from inside out. Follow this checklist step-by-step to simplify your photoshoot preparation.

Lets begin!

General Preparations

Thoroughly cleaned and organized interior for real estate photography


Lady Tidying Up Her Exteriors For Real Estate Photography


Living Room/Family Room

Kitchen/Dining Room

Well-kept Kitchen and dining table for real estate photography



 thoroughly cleaned and neatly arranged bathroom


Photography is a tough enough task without worrying about whether or not your sellers will be stressed out.

But even for first-time sellers, some tips can help make everything go more smoothly and efficiently, so no one will be overwhelmed by the process!

You can effortlessly ease their worries while saving your time by giving them these checklists before the photoshoot of the property. This would ease the whole process for buyers, sellers, and photographers.

Are you ready to simplify your photoshoot day with this checklist? Print this page today!

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