real estate photography checklist

Real Estate Photography Checklist

Great real estate photography can make or break a property listing.

It’s worth making sure your photos are up to par, especially if you’re trying to sell real estate property, including preparing your home for real estate photos.

This professional real estate photography checklist will help ensure that your pictures look great and showcase your real estate property in the best possible light.

Real Estate Photography Checklist

As photographers, we require some preparations done and confirmed before the photo shoot begins. We have prepared these checklists for realtors, photographers and sellers so that everything goes smoothly on shoot day without anyone feeling stressed.

It is usually best to start with general cleaning and decluttering from the inside out. Follow this checklist step-by-step to simplify your photoshoot preparation.

Let’s begin!

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General Preparations

  • Ensure that the entire property has been thoroughly cleaned.
  •  Ensure that all the lights and lamps are turned on, and replace any light bulbs.
  •  Close all windows and open blinds/window coverings to bring in outside light.
  •  Create spacious areas by eliminating unwanted furniture and cleaning countertops and shelves.
  •  Turn off all televisions, computers, and other electronic devices.
  •  Closets should be used for storing shoes and coats.



  • Remove vehicles from driveways and the front of the property.
  •  Close the garage doors.
  •  Take out the garbage cans.
  •  Mow and edge the grass in front and back, and trim overgrown trees and shrubs.
  •  Take away any toys and sporting equipment.
  •  Empty planters and garden tools and remove visible water hoses.
  •  Sweep up any cuttings or leaves.
  •  Ensure the pool area is spotless.
  •  Remove the grill cover and tuck the utensils away.
  •  Clean and arrange the outdoor furniture, including the umbrella on the patio table, the chairs, and the plush cushions.


  • Close the garage doors.
  •  Replace any burned-out bulbs and turn on ALL of the lights in the house.
  •  Turn on the ceiling fan lights but leave the fan turned off.
  •  If there are curtains on a window, please open them lower the blinds but leave the horizontal slats open if the window has them.
  •  Turn off all televisions and computers.
  •  Any glass door, window, or mirror should be streak-free and fingerprint-free.

Living Room/Family Room

  •  Personal belongings/photos should be removed.
  •  Remove any visible clutter.
  •  Shades/blinds should be opened.
  •  Replace any light bulbs that have burned out.
  •  All children’s toys should be tidied up or put away.
  •  Empty and put away Garbage cans.
  •  Dispose of pet dishes, toys, and beds.
  •  Have the carpet vacuumed.
  •  Sweep the hard floors with a broom.
  •  Take out the newspapers and mail.
  •  Showcase your favorite books.
  •  Switch off the televisions.
  •  Turn on all of the lights.

Kitchen/Dining Room

  • Place plates, napkins, placemats, and cutlery on a conventional dinner table. If feasible, add color with a bowl of fruit or flowers.
  •  All countertops should be cleaned and wiped down.
  •  Appliances, knife blocks, toasters, and other items should be removed. One elegant, modern-appearing device can remain (i.e., coffee maker or tea kettle on stove).
  •  Take everything out of the refrigerator (no magnets, pictures, etc.)
  •  Throw rugs, hanging towels, and paper towels should all be removed.
  •  Remove the garbage can, the dishes, and the drain stopper.
  •  All chairs should be straightened and tidied.
  •  Soaps and cleaning supplies should be hidden.
  •  Dish towels and sponges should be hidden.
  •  Dishes should be cleared from the sink.
  •  The draining rack should be put away.
  •  Items on exposed shelves should be organized.
  •  Place a fruit bowl on the counter.

well kept kitchen and dining tables for real estate photography


  •  End tables, dressers, and nightstands should all be free of clutter. Personal photographs, drinking mugs, alarm clocks, and other items should be put away.
  •  Phones, tablets, charging cords, books, Kleenex, and other objects should all be put away.
  •  Remove all personal images if possible.
  •  Remove any clutter from beneath the bed that may appear in images or videos.
  •  Clean and well-maintained walk-in closets are a must.


  • Clean hand and body towels should be arranged neatly.
  •  Trash cans, plungers, and toilet scrubbers should all be hidden.
  •  Remove the floor mats and make sure the toilet seat is closed. Replace the toilet paper roll with a new one.
  •  Bar soap, medications, and toothbrushes should all be removed from the counter.
  •  Close the shower curtain or door after removing shampoos, razors, and loofahs.

photography of bathroom


Photography is a tough enough task without worrying about whether or not your sellers will be stressed out.

But even for first-time sellers, some tips can help make everything go more smoothly and efficiently, so no one will be overwhelmed by the process!

You can effortlessly ease their worries while saving your time by giving them these checklists before the photo shoot of the property. This would ease the whole process for buyers, sellers and photographers.

Are you ready to simplify your photoshoot day with this checklist? Print this page today! Or, you can easily contact Revepix for your real estate photography service.

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