Real Estate Photography Moorpark

Revepix has been specializing in real estate photography services in Moorpark for almost a decade now. Our team of professionals will help you stand out in the real estate listing with personalized and alluring shots of your property.

Real Estate Photography Moorpark

Real Estate Photography in Moorpark

The beauty of a picture lies in the eye of the beholder–for real estate photography at Revepix, it lies in the creative vision of the photographer. When surfing properties in Moorpark, often, pictures can be deceiving as they may not be close to how a place looks and feels in person. 

When you have an expert real estate photographer who understands the components of resonating with the beauty of a home in a picture that is similar to a real-life tour experience, your listing in the market is already a game-changer. With maximum standard photography, the first impression of your home is guaranteed success. 

We have been capturing appealing takes of homes that stand out in the real estate market for 8 years now. If you are on the verge of selling your property, eye-catching Moorpark real estate photography is the way to overarching the attention of potential buyers in the market. We utilize strategies and make space for the creative element to shine in every photo. 

If you want to enhance potential buyers’ remote impression experience even more, we have home staging and specialized 3D virtual tour services. From breathtaking aerial photography to capturing details of interiors in an aesthetically pleasing way, we do it all to make sure your property is a head-turner in the listing. 

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Our Services

Commercial/Residential Photography

It takes a skillful eye behind the lens to bring out the best of a space. Our commercial photography services consist of professional-level shoots for residential properties, restaurants, office spaces, etc.

When it comes to commercial residential photography, it is essential to have someone who can scan a space and fit its best features, and at the same time, portray every feature to be the best. Through our Moorpark commercial photography services, we shoot by focusing on the unique selling point of a space and making it the center of the shoot, while also attractively highlighting other features.

Matterport Virtual Tour (3D)

Giving potential buyers a chance to tour your property in the comfort of just a click on their phones is an instant win when it comes to standing out in a property listing. Our real estate 3D virtual tours services include accurate measurement of the space with high-resolution scans.

It gives the viewers an opportunity to explore a space virtually via Moorpark virtual walkthroughs, and picture how well their lifestyle would fit with the space. You will be able to host your Moorpark 3D virtual tours real estate photography for 3 months, for more buyers to look into your property.

Twilight Photography

There is nothing homier than the twilight sky of Moorpark behind the exterior of your home. Twilight photography is our secret recipe to take enticing shots that are pleasing to look at and serves the purpose of catching attention.

It takes an expert photographer who has a sense of balancing the lighting of the property while maintaining the composition of the alluring colors of the sky during sunset and twilight. Moorpark twilight photography truly magnifies the beauty of the home and is a captivating way to show off other exterior features like pools, fireplaces, lounge areas, etc.

Aerial Photography And Videography

Drone photography gives a unique point of view to any property, alluring the viewers to a beauty they didn’t expect from other shots. Aerial photos for real estate stunningly put the architectural features, as well as all external elements of the garden space into one frame.

Along with that, with drone videography in real estate, you get to show the beauty of your property from this unique perspective from all angles in a matter of seconds. Moorpark is filled with vibrant colors and styles that are often difficult to capture from the ground. Signing up for our Moorpark aerial photography and videography services can instantly make a difference to your property ranking.

Virtual Staging

An empty or cluttered space with limited time can be a challenge to make the best of your real estate photography. Often, such spaces can be diverting from their true potential and a turn off when surfing. That is when our real estate virtual staging Moorpark services come in handy.

We will virtually animate and design your space in a way that highlights its best features. It also gives buyers a chance to picture all the ways they can style it too. Our skilled graphic and interior designers pour their creativity and visions into a picture of your space by utilizing endless design options to make it aesthetic and welcoming to look at.

Property Website

The Moorpark real estate market is extremely competitive. It takes a lot to make it to the top of the listing. To make your property be accessible to more clients, we also offer property website design services by building a unique website for your space.

While serving a high-quality outlook gallery of your property, it features all our services together, from all photos, and videos, to 3D virtual tours. The Moorpark property website designs are creative, user-friendly, and search engine optimized to rank at the top of the search list. Potential buyers can look at everything they need in a property with their first click on a property website.



We are dedicated to bringing out the best of your property through real estate photography and Moorpark real estate videography services. In our experience, the one and most crucial aspect of property listing photography is how the space is visualized, and how well a potential buyer can picture whether it matches their needs or not. With professional Moorpark real estate photography, we assure you that the first impression of your property will result in a click and inquiry by the appeal of your space via our photos.

  • With our 3D Matterport virtual tours, clients get to experience your property on the first look. 
  • Our past clients have a record of increased engagement at real estate platforms like Redfin and Zillow.
  • Personalized one-of-a-kind packages are meant to fit your unique needs. 
  • We work with high-quality, state-of-the-art technology and equipment and have a history of exceptional outcomes. 

We at Revepix have made quite the impression in the market with our expert shots that brought inquiries about the property. Our team works with specialized, innovative, and creative strategies to make spaces captivating inside a frame. Contact us for the best real estate listing photography services in Moorpark. Our location, 19400 Business Center Drive #115, Los Angeles, US, is also easily accessible from Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and Calabasas.

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For the past 5 years we’ve been using Revepix to do all our photography and videography. Our team uses them and everybody we know uses them. I recommend it. 


Revepix is great. They are Covid compliant. They come with masks; they are well-equipped. 

Pictures, videos, and turnaround time are amazing. I’m happy to use them, and I recommend you guys use them as well.

Danny Umana

What an amazing experience! I got an email from reve about there promotion and I called right away. They were able to do the full drone package just 1 day after. The pictures were even more amazing! I got a drone video in Canyon Country for my listing, for such an amazing price. They even gave me a website included for the house.
David B.

The single best real estate photography, video, and drone images I have ever used.  Daniel communicates quickly, is easy to schedule and deal with, and he makes the most beautiful photos for our listings.  His prices are reasonable, and he goes out of his way to accommodate.

Henry C
We requested the matterport 3d virtual tour service to sell our house, and they did everything. Hence, the house looked realistic, and you could examine every single bit of it! There was no need for huge queues for the house tours because they could see everything online, and only visitors with serious intentions contacted us to arrange a house tour. Thank you, Revepix - the best real estate photography Los Angeles agency.
Nate Avery
Excellent Job! The photographer was on time, professional, the photos themselves turned out great, and the turn time was outstanding. Your hard work does not go unnoticed! We mainly do loans, but whenever we have a listing we will use you!
Matt L.

See Our Photo Editing Expertise

Our photographers have expertise in enhancing the homey spirit of your space. We are a highly equipped team with advanced post-shoot editing experience, specializing in interior, exterior, and aerial photography.

You can go through our portfolio and check out some before and after shots.

twilight real estate photography non edited by revepixtwilight real estate photography edited by revepix
real estate photography non edited by revepixreal estate photography edited by revepix
indoor real estate photography non edited by revepixindoor real estate photography edited by revepix

Our Pricing

35 Professional Photos

$ 200

50 Professional Photos

$ 250

Twilight Photos

$ 200

Drone Photos

$ 150

Note*: Add On Change costs additional $40

Real Estate Photographer Moorpark FAQs

We provide high-quality one-of-a-kind real estate photography services in Moorpark that is flexible with your budget. Our standard packages start from $200, and every personalized service is designed to cater to your unique needs for a reasonable amount. For more information, look into our pricing details.

Yes, we offer drone photography as well as videography services to beautifully put out your property from the aerial point of view.

Professional real estate photography can accentuate the potential of your space, highlight unique points of interest, and creatively place features that can make your Moorpark property feel at home with just a look at the picture.

The first and most important aspect to look for in a Moorpark real estate photographer is their portfolio and past works of photography in other properties in the city. It will give you a better visualization of whether their approach fits your desires or not.

A video portrayal of your property with professional-level lighting, cinematography techniques, and a creative outlook can create an appealing impression at first look. Your clients will not only get to view a property better, but they will get a better understanding of the size and spaces to match their needs.

While natural lighting results in the best shots, professional editing and maintaining a customized camera setting can do wonders even during bad weather conditions. It all depends on the skills of the photographer, and their innovative process.

While photographs of your real estate property can be taken by yourself, it is best to work with a professional real estate photographer in Moorpark. They will make the best out of the property by maintaining proper composition, adjusting appropriate lighting, and professionally editing the pictures.

Yes, Revepix also provides real estate photography across Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Calabasas, and more.

Direction To Revepix From Moorpark:

Moorpark is a peaceful city down by the west of Southern California in Ventura County. It is only a century old and is home to around 36,000 residents. It is nestled in the valley created by the Arroyo Simi river, with flatland in the middle and surrounded by vast hills. The heart of the city lies in the downtown High Street, popularly recognized as the historic core. It is also known as the ‘Apricot capital of the world’ because of the extensive Apricot cultivation tradition in the city. 

A quick 30 to 40-minute drive from Moorpark can take you to Revepix. From the Moorpark State Park on Poindexter Ave, take a left turn to Moorpark Ave. Then, with a right turn, you will be on E High St in Poindexter Ave. Turn right one more time and the street merges with the CA-118 E, Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries route. Follow the road through Chumash Park and Trail, Corriganville Park, and Indian Springs Open Space. Keep following the road and you will reach Tampa Ave in Los Angeles. Now take exit 37 from CA-118 E. As you follow Tampa Ave all the way to Business Ctr Dr street, your destination Revepix office is here. If you want to consult more about us, call us at the company’s hotline (818) 350-3809.