Real Estate Photography Simi Valley

Revepix specializes in creating distinctive visual content for real estate using high-quality photography and videography. Our premium real estate photography services are available in Simi Valley.

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography in Simi Valley

Revepix is known as the leading provider of real estate photography and videography services in Simi Valley. Our skilled team has ten years of experience creating captivating visual content highlighting a property’s best features. We take pride in our expertise and are committed to providing outstanding service that exceeds your expectations.

In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s essential to capture the attention of potential buyers. We recognize this need, and our services are customized to help you achieve remarkable results by providing high-quality, high-resolution images of your property that exceed industry standards. With our exceptional real estate photography services, you can be confident that your property will make a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Our primary goal is to help our clients differentiate themselves and enhance the overall appeal of their property. Leveraging our specialized expertise, we create an inviting, attractive, and timeless visual style for real estate that highlights its noteworthy features. This approach showcases your property most favorably, making it more appealing to potential buyers in today’s highly competitive online market. Additionally, we keep up with the latest trends and utilize the advanced technology to improve conversion rates.

Our skilled team uses advanced techniques to create compelling digital representations of your property. We strive to surpass industry standards, and our extensive expertise and proficiency demonstrate our capability. Contact us today to showcase your property in the highest quality possible. With Revepix, you can trust that you’ll receive the best real estate photography services Simi Valley can provide.

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Our Services

Commercial/Residential Photography

Our team is highly regarded for their skill in creating detailed visual representations of any property. This is accomplished by meticulously capturing its interior, exterior, and aerial views. Employing innovative compositions, unique perspectives, and creative designs, we artfully highlight every aspect of your property.

At Revepix, we're passionate about enhancing the elegance and atmosphere of your property. We use imaginative arrangements, innovative perspectives, and seamless transitions to present the space to achieve this. Our focus is on enhancing the charm and appeal of your real estate by highlighting its sophistication and ambiance, ultimately increasing property sales to unprecedented levels.

Matterport Virtual Tour (3D)

Keeping abreast of the ever-changing real estate market in Simi Valley is crucial and entails staying informed about the latest trends. Revepix has made this process easier by introducing advanced Matterport Virtual Tours to the property industry. In addition, we create immersive and interactive property presentations using high-quality scans, accurate 2D floor plans, and multi-dimensional videos. By collaborating with us, you can offer potential buyers a captivating and complete view of your property that will leave a positive impression.

Revepix provides budget-friendly Matterport 3D scan packages starting at $150 for properties measuring up to 1500 sq ft. The package comes with a hassle-free three-month hosting service. Besides top-notch 3D scans, Revepix offers clients carefully crafted floor plans, captivating YouTube slideshows, and outstanding virtual home staging services in Simi Valley. We are committed to delivering exceptional services that meet industry standards at every step of the process.

Twilight Photography

Revepix stands out in the competitive real estate market by offering unparalleled twilight photography services in Simi Valley. Our skilled team takes stunning photos and videos of your property's exterior during sunset, accentuating unique features like fire pits, lighting, and swimming pools. This creates a captivating depiction of your property, capturing potential buyers' attention.

Revepix understands the value of capturing a property's unique charm and ambiance during the stunning sunset. This approach sets us apart from other real estate photographers and has earned us a strong reputation in the competitive Simi Valley market. We aim to create a lasting emotional connection with potential buyers by showcasing the property's visual appeal and incorporating the enchanting dusk backdrop. With our exceptional twilight photography services, we enhance the captivating essence of your property.

Aerial Photography And Videography

Revepix aims to stay ahead of the competition by utilizing cutting-edge photography techniques, including Simi Valley aerial photography. Our team is dedicated to creating stunning and unique aerial representations of your property, showcasing a perspective that is sure to impress potential buyers. We use innovative methods and equipment to capture breathtaking aerial footage with the best real estate drone photography Simi Valley has to offer.

Our team captures stunning aerial footage that goes beyond the typical ground-level photos. We aim to grab the attention of potential buyers and generate substantial interest by highlighting your property's unique features and prime locations from a bird's-eye view. Our aerial perspectives offer a more comprehensive view for buyers, enhancing their property assessment.

Virtual Staging

We understand that empty properties can be unappealing to buyers, resulting in challenges with sales. To overcome this issue, we offer Simi Valley virtual home staging services that add charm and attraction to an otherwise uninviting space by incorporating virtual furniture and decor. With the help of advanced technology, we modify the color palette and overall ambiance to give the property a warm and welcoming feel.

At Revepix, we provide an affordable virtual staging service that can transform dull and vacant spaces into warm and inviting homes. By leveraging advanced technology, we can add virtual furniture and decor to any room and even adjust the color scheme to match your preferred style. We aim to help homeowners and agents create attractive and appealing property listings so potential buyers can have a more engaging and immersive experience. With our virtual staging, buyers can explore the fully furnished and decorated space, leading to increased interest and a stronger emotional connection.

Property Website

At Revepix, we understand the importance of presenting a unique image in the highly competitive Simi Valley real estate industry. As such, we offer our clients the chance to take control of their online presence. Our skilled team designs modern, easy-to-use real estate websites that attract potential buyers. These sites are carefully crafted, boosting the chances of converting leads into successful sales.

Having an online presence is crucial in the real estate industry. A well-designed website can offer a convenient way to showcase all important information in one place. Revepix specializes in creating Simi Valley real estate websites with distinctive elements like videos, photos, 3D tours, and floor plans. The website provides potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of your property. A captivating and informative online platform can help real estate agents attract and engage buyers who often research properties online before visiting them in person.



Revepix recognizes the power of captivating visuals in promoting a real estate property. Our team consists of skilled professionals who excel in providing exceptional services, including real estate photography, 3D virtual staging, videography, and related services, enhancing the property’s appeal. Our ultimate goal is to generate interest in your property, attract potential buyers, and convert hesitant leads into successful sales.

  • Our Matterport virtual tours offer a highly immersive way to explore properties.
  • The success we’ve shown on real estate platforms like Zillow and Redfin demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach.
  • We offer customized packages that cater to our client’s unique needs and preferences.
  • Our team stays current with the latest market trends and incorporates innovative technology in our services.

Revepix stands out from the competition by using cutting-edge techniques to capture a property’s unique features. Our team of experts has a proven track record of attracting potential buyers and successfully closing sales. With a decade of experience, we guarantee exceptional real estate photography services in Simi Valley.

Are you looking for top-quality real estate photography services in Simi Valley? Look no further than Revepix. Our office is conveniently located at 19400 Business Center Drive #115, Los Angeles, offering easy access to nearby areas, including Malibu, Thousand Oaks, and Moorpark.

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For the past 5 years we’ve been using Revepix to do all our photography and videography. Our team uses them and everybody we know uses them. I recommend it. 


Revepix is great. They are Covid compliant. They come with masks; they are well-equipped. 

Pictures, videos, and turnaround time are amazing. I’m happy to use them, and I recommend you guys use them as well.

Danny Umana

What an amazing experience! I got an email from reve about there promotion and I called right away. They were able to do the full drone package just 1 day after. The pictures were even more amazing! I got a drone video in Canyon Country for my listing, for such an amazing price. They even gave me a website included for the house.
David B.

The single best real estate photography, video, and drone images I have ever used.  Daniel communicates quickly, is easy to schedule and deal with, and he makes the most beautiful photos for our listings.  His prices are reasonable, and he goes out of his way to accommodate.

Henry C
We requested the matterport 3d virtual tour service to sell our house, and they did everything. Hence, the house looked realistic, and you could examine every single bit of it! There was no need for huge queues for the house tours because they could see everything online, and only visitors with serious intentions contacted us to arrange a house tour. Thank you, Revepix - the best real estate photography Los Angeles agency.
Nate Avery
Excellent Job! The photographer was on time, professional, the photos themselves turned out great, and the turn time was outstanding. Your hard work does not go unnoticed! We mainly do loans, but whenever we have a listing we will use you!
Matt L.

See Our Photo Editing Expertise

Our photographers have expertise in enhancing the homey spirit of your space. We are a highly equipped team with advanced post-shoot editing experience, specializing in interior, exterior, and aerial photography.

You can go through our portfolio and check out some before and after shots.

twilight real estate photography non edited by revepixtwilight real estate photography edited by revepix
real estate photography non edited by revepixreal estate photography edited by revepix
indoor real estate photography non edited by revepixindoor real estate photography edited by revepix

Our Pricing

35 Professional Photos

$ 200

50 Professional Photos

$ 250

Twilight Photos

$ 200

Drone Photos

$ 150

Note*: Add On Change costs additional $40

Real Estate Photographer Simi Valley FAQs

The real estate photography pricing at Revepix in Simi Valley is based on the number of photos rather than the property size. However, the prices for 3D tours are determined by the property’s square footage. Add-on services are available at an additional cost with the photo or video services. The minimum charge for a property visit is $175, and any package that includes Matterport is priced for properties up to 1,500 square feet.

Revepix provides drone photography services to capture stunning aerial shots of your property and its surroundings. Our skilled experts utilize the most advanced technology to create high-quality images and videos from a bird’s-eye view, providing a distinctive perspective for prospective buyers. Contact us to discover how our drone services can enhance your real estate listings.

Professional real estate photography can help your Simi Valley property stand out by showcasing its best features and creating a lasting impression on potential buyers. High-quality photos can attract more online views, increase interest, and ultimately lead to faster and more profitable sales.

When choosing a real estate photographer in Simi Valley, look for someone with experience in the industry, a portfolio of high-quality work, a range of services that meet your needs, competitive pricing, and positive reviews from previous clients. Communication skills and reliability are also essential factors to consider.

Real estate videography can benefit home sellers by providing potential buyers with a dynamic, immersive experience that showcases the property’s best features. High-quality videos can also help homes stand out from the competition and attract more attention online, leading to increased interest and potential sales.

Yes, real estate photography can be done in bad weather conditions. At Revepix, we use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure high-quality images regardless of the weather conditions. Contact us to learn more about our real estate photography services, even in challenging weather conditions.

Yes, Revepix provides real estate photography services in various locations, including Malibu, Thousand Oaks, and Moorpark. Contact us to know more about our services and how we can assist you with your real estate photography needs.

Direction To Find Revepix From Simi Valley

Simi Valley in Southern California is home to many attractions for visitors. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is a popular spot to learn about the former President’s life and legacy. The Santa Susana Depot, Museum, and Model Railroad offers a glimpse into the city’s history. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking and picnicking at the Rocky Peak Trail and Tapo Canyon Regional Park. Pet owners will appreciate Simi Dog Park, and movie enthusiasts must visit the Corriganville Movie Ranch. Other notable destinations include the Strathearn Historical Park & Museum, Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center, and Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park.

If you’re starting your journey from Simi Valley Revelation Church La, get on the Easy St and head east toward Ward Avehead. Once you get to First St, turn left and so straight till you reach the right 2 lanes of Ronald Reagan Fwy and make a right turn merging onto CA-118 E. Go straight on the Ronald Reagan Fwy, cross the Sycamore Rd, cross the Stearns St, cross the Rocky Peak Rd intersection, cross the Corbin Ave, take exit 37 and turn right onto Tampa Ave. Go straight the Tampa Ave, cross Chatsworth St, and get to the Business Ctr Dr Turn right onto Business Ctr Dr, and you will see the Los Angeles Revepix office on your left. Contact the company’s hotline at (818) 350-3809 if you need help.