Terms & Conditions

***During COVID-19, we ask you and your clients to vacate the property for everyone’s safety. Our equipment is used via touch screens which means we cannot wear gloves during the appointment. We are not responsible for cleaning the property after our departure. We will not touch anything in the home and ask that it is in the condition you wish to have it appear online. We ask that everyone including yourself waits outside if present. Our safety and yours is our top priority at this time, we ask for your cooperation to this matter. *****

(1) Revepix reserves the right to cancel, modify, change any appointments at their discretion with proper notice. If weather does not cooperate for the time of the shoot, Revepix will reach out to help reschedule your appointment.

(2) No-Show appointments are subject to a $100 fee if the members of Revepix show up to the given address and client doesn’t respond. No show is considered 20 minutes after scheduled booking time.

(3) Revepix reserves the right for its shooters to leave listings or properties after the allotted time of any given shoot in order to make following booking appointments, even if the shoot is incomplete. There is no guarantee that a shooter will be able to stay later, however if a client of Revepix wants to keep a shooter on site longer than their allotted time, they may do so for an extra fee of $100/45 minutes if the shooter agrees. Every listing will have a 15 minute grace period, after which they must pay a fee for “Extra Time” which will be billed with the invoice.

(4) Revepix reserves the right to all media delivered to The Client. This means that we can use all finished photographs/videos on all forms of social media as well as print marketing, digital marketing and web content. This includes our website and any promotional material. We may use content we provide you at any time without your consent.

(5) Revepix is not responsible for moving, changing, altering objects in photos that were not moved per ‘The Pre-Shoot Checklist’. Revepix is not responsible for you or the homeowners property under any circumstance particularly in instances where objects prohibit the photographer from obtaining the correct shot of a given space.

(6) Home shall be cleaned PRIOR to Revepix ‘s arrival. We are not responsible for altering objects in images/video where they could have been easily removed prior to our arrival. Please review Pre-Shoot Checklist for further clarification.

(7) Revepix is not responsible for moving any furniture, decorations, art, carpets or any other objects within a home in order to successfully take a photo.

(8) All photos and videos taken are a single use license which means that they are not to be duplicated, edited, transformed, changed or manipulated in any way. These photos/videos are not to be sold to any 3rd party without the consent of the members of Revepix.

(9) Revepix is not responsible for any risky behaviors in order to successfully capture a photo or video. We reserve the right to use common sense judgement in all cases where our safety can and will be compromised.

(10) Revepix is not responsible for locking doors, windows, or other access points in the property and is under the full responsibility of The Client (you) to do so. Revepix is also not responsible for turning lights off, fireplaces on/off or lit etc. after our departure.

(11) I release all liability to the members of Revepix during my appointment by checking that “I have read the terms and conditions” and have I understood them. By checking the box below you are agreeing to all the points noted above and this is your digital signature.

(12) Revepix has a 24 hour turn around for all content other than virtual staging (which begins its 24-hour turn around upon selection of photos) and videos which have a 48 hour turn around timeframe. All content will be provided in the form of a link, or set of links, by noon the following day. If any content is having issues or needs to be delayed, the client will be alerted by 11:45 AM at the latest about the status of their content.