how to choose your real estate photographer

How to choose your Real Estate Photographer in 2019

In 2019, it is impossible to list a home without professional photos. As a real estate agent in 2019 it is hard enough to get a listing. There are so many variables that come into play. Don’t let the photographer be the variable that messes up the listing for you.

It is not only the photo quality that matters.

The photo quality is a major factor, but you need to make sure that the photographer is respectful, trusted, has licenses and insurance, and experience. The seller is trusting you with their home and the people you bring into their home. The photographer is now your team member and representative.

  • Appearance
  • Design Input
  • Real Estate Marketing Knowledge


Photography is a very broad field. In the art world there is a full spectrum of personalities and style. You need to select someone professional. Selling someone’s home is a big task don’t bring the wrong person into the seller’s home.


Design Input

The photographer should be able to help with judgment of staging and interior design. Someone that has experience and shot so many homes should be able to give you direction on how the room and staging should look.


Real Estate Marketing Knowledge

The photographer is acting not only as a camera operator but also as a marketing consultant. The photographer should know what sells a house and what does not. For example, If a home is on a major street, you don’t want to show the major street in the photos. That is not appealing to the buyer and most of the time will scare them away from visiting your home. The job of the photographer is to get the buyers into the door and have them speaking to the salesman, who then convinces them to buy the home.

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