Real Estate Photography Sherman Oaks

Our goal at Revepix is to offer exceptional photos and videos of real estate properties, and we are dedicated to delivering top-notch photography and videography services. We are proud to specialize in providing premium real estate photography services in Sherman Oaks.

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Real Estate Photography in Sherman Oaks

Revepix is proud to be the top choice for immaculate Sherman Oaks real estate photography and videography services. Our team of experts has more than ten years of experience and is highly proficient in producing engaging visual content that showcases a property’s best features.

Creating attractive real estate imagery is a crucial art that has the prospective to attract potential buyers. In a crowded market, it’s important to make a property stand out, and our services can help achieve positive results. We provide services that go above and beyond current market standards to fulfill this need by delivering high-definition, top-quality property images. 

By utilizing our unique expertise, we create an appealing, detailed, and enduring appearance for real estate that emphasizes its key features to the maximum. We incorporate a persuasive approach to showcase your property in the most flattering way possible, making it more enticing than your competitors. The goal is to keep up with the latest trends and use cutting-edge technology, maximizing your conversion rates.

Our team employs innovative techniques to create appealing digital representations of your property with an aim to exceed industry standards. And the extensive knowledge and experience we’ve garnered over the years are extensively used for your project. Get in touch with us today to showcase your property in the highest possible quality. With Revepix, you can be confident that you’ll receive the finest real estate photography Sherman Oaks.

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Our Services

Commercial/Residential Photography

We have gained a reputation for exceptional skills in producing comprehensive visual representations of any property, effectively showcasing its exterior, interior, and aerial views. All of it is achieved through innovative compositions, perspectives, and designs that add more to the existing appeal of any property. Once we click it, the property is guaranteed to stand out in the crowded listing market.

Our goal is to emphasize the elegance and ambiance of your property by using imaginative positioning, innovative outlook, and seamless alterations. At Revepix, we prioritize featuring the sophistication and atmosphere of your real estate. Our Sherman Oaks real estate photography services are designed to cater to your property's presence in a gorgeous setting. Schedule a photography session with us and take your initial step toward a successful property sale. Rest assured, we'll make your property stand out with exceptional techniques and attention to detail.

Matterport Virtual Tour (3D)

Staying aligned with the latest trends is essential to remain competitive in the Sherman Oaks real estate market, and one such trend is the incorporation of high-end Matterport Virtual Tours. At Revepix, our skilled professionals produce top-quality property scans featuring multi-dimensional videos and accurate 2D floor plans. It provides potential buyers with a detailed and immersive viewing experience.

Our Matterport 3D scan packages start at just $150, making them a highly cost-effective solution for properties up to 1500 sq ft. These packages also include three-month convenient hosting, ensuring that your property remains easily accessible to potential buyers during that time. In addition to 3D scans, Revepix provides floor plans, YouTube slideshows, and Sherman Oaks virtual home staging services. From the start to the end, we maintain industry-standard, guaranteeing you the best quality possible.

Twilight Photography

Revepix stands out in the fiercely competitive real estate industry thanks to our exceptional Sherman Oaks twilight photography. Our twilight photos present a stunning showcase of the property's exterior, drawing attention to distinctive features like fire pits, pools, lighting, and more. These visually striking photos and videos captured during twilight leave a lasting impression and appeal to your property.

Previous clients back the unique approach we've incorporated in our photography techniques mostly highlighted in our testimonials. Combining a property's surroundings with the breathtaking Sherman Oaks sunset, we elevate its appeal and establish its charm. Our photography experts not only emphasize the property's ambiance but also capture the captivating beauty of dusk. This approach recognizes the potential of the stunning sunset to make a lasting impression on potential buyers, leaving a positive and unforgettable memory of your property.

Aerial Photography And Videography

Revepix is committed to keeping in check the latest and most desirable trends in real estate photography, including Sherman Oaks aerial photography. Aerial photography offers a unique viewpoint that is not typically accessible to the human eye and has become an increasingly popular method in the current market. Revepix's team has developed innovative techniques for obtaining stunning aerial footage, enabling clients to enjoy an enchanting view of the property and its surroundings.

We provide an outstanding aerial video and photo service for Sherman Oaks using drones, which surpasses traditional ground footage. Presenting a property's appealing characteristics and location highlights from a unique viewpoint is guaranteed to grab the attention of potential buyers and create significant interest. Our objective is to enhance your conversion rate by utilizing inventive and tailored approaches that cater to your specific requirements.

Virtual Staging

Revepix provides virtual staging services in Sherman Oaks to address the issue of vacant properties appearing dull and uninviting. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, our team enhances the visual appeal of these empty spaces, incorporating virtual furnishings and decorations and altering the area's colors and general aesthetics. This method allows for virtual tours that enable potential buyers to visualize how the property could look when furnished.

We offer a budget-friendly virtual home staging service in Sherman Oaks, eliminating the difficulties and costs associated with traditional staging techniques. Our clients can select from various furniture and accessories to customize the visual presentation of their property. This service is the perfect solution for homeowners and real estate agents seeking to design and furnish the look of their empty spaces without incurring excessive expenses.

Property Website

Our goal at Revepix is to set our clients apart in the fiercely competitive real estate market in Sherman Oaks. We achieve this by giving them the ability to manage their online presence. Our team of professionals is dedicated to building contemporary, easy-to-use real estate websites that appeal to potential buyers. These websites are designed to perform well in search engine results and are crucial in achieving high conversion rates. This service is an effective way to make a distinctive impression and showcase your property online.

Having a real estate website is essential for the growth of any business, as it provides convenient access to all the necessary information in one location. Our property website design for Sherman Oaks incorporates several features, such as videos, photos, 3D tours, and floor plans, to provide buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the property. An appealing and informative online presence allows real estate agents to effectively capture the attention of potential buyers who tend to research properties online before visiting them in person.

What Do We Do?

Why Us?

At Revepix, we understand the significance of captivating visuals when promoting a real estate property. Our team of experts offers exceptional services, such as real estate photography, videography, and virtual staging utilizing 3D technology, among others, to showcase the space in the most attractive manner possible. Our primary objective is to pique the interest of potential buyers and convert leads into sales for our clients.

  • Our Matterport virtual tours provide clients with an exceptionally engaging experience while exploring properties.
  • We have a proven record of increased engagement on real estate platforms such as Redfin and Zillow.
  • Numerous personalized packages cater to each client’s specific requirements.
  • We also utilize state-of-the-art technology aligning with the current market trends.

Our team is dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge methods to accentuate the most impressive attributes of a property as a testament to our commitment to staying ahead in the real estate industry. Our services’ exceptional quality is renowned for drawing the attention of potential buyers and successfully converting them into sales. 

With a decade of experience, we’re located at 19400 business center drive #115, Los Angeles, guaranteeing the highest quality services for real estate photography Sherman Oaks, Porter Ranch, Northridge, and more.

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For the past 5 years we’ve been using Revepix to do all our photography and videography. Our team uses them and everybody we know uses them. I recommend it. 


Revepix is great. They are Covid compliant. They come with masks; they are well-equipped. 

Pictures, videos, and turnaround time are amazing. I’m happy to use them, and I recommend you guys use them as well.

Danny Umana

What an amazing experience! I got an email from reve about there promotion and I called right away. They were able to do the full drone package just 1 day after. The pictures were even more amazing! I got a drone video in Canyon Country for my listing, for such an amazing price. They even gave me a website included for the house.
David B.

The single best real estate photography, video, and drone images I have ever used.  Daniel communicates quickly, is easy to schedule and deal with, and he makes the most beautiful photos for our listings.  His prices are reasonable, and he goes out of his way to accommodate.

Henry C
We requested the matterport 3d virtual tour service to sell our house, and they did everything. Hence, the house looked realistic, and you could examine every single bit of it! There was no need for huge queues for the house tours because they could see everything online, and only visitors with serious intentions contacted us to arrange a house tour. Thank you, Revepix - the best real estate photography Los Angeles agency.
Nate Avery
Excellent Job! The photographer was on time, professional, the photos themselves turned out great, and the turn time was outstanding. Your hard work does not go unnoticed! We mainly do loans, but whenever we have a listing we will use you!
Matt L.

See Our Photo Editing Expertise

Our photographers have expertise in enhancing the homey spirit of your space. We are a highly equipped team with advanced post-shoot editing experience, specializing in interior, exterior, and aerial photography.

You can go through our portfolio and check out some before and after shots.

twilight real estate photography non edited by revepixtwilight real estate photography edited by revepix
real estate photography non edited by revepixreal estate photography edited by revepix
indoor real estate photography non edited by revepixindoor real estate photography edited by revepix

Our Pricing

35 Professional Photos

$ 200

50 Professional Photos

$ 250

Twilight Photos

$ 200

Drone Photos

$ 150

Note*: Add On Change costs additional $40

Frequently Asked Questions

Following a real estate photography session, we meticulously review and curate the best photos that highlight the property’s most attractive features. Our team then proceeds to edit and improve the selected images, guaranteeing their high quality. Once the photos are ready, we present our clients with a digital gallery to choose the photos they want to use.

Our property visit fee starts at a minimum of $150, regardless of the location, including Sherman Oaks, Encino and other areas. However, depending on the distance, parking fees, and the property’s accessibility, the final cost may increase.

Our real estate photographers in Sherman Oaks are fully equipped to provide photos for 360-degree virtual tours. By using cutting-edge technology, we capture high-quality images that can be used to create immersive virtual tours. It allows potential buyers to explore the property from every angle.

Real estate videography is a powerful means to display a property’s distinctive attributes and provide potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the space. It delivers a more immersive experience compared to traditional photography and enables home sellers to emphasize critical selling points, ultimately increasing their likelihood of drawing interested buyers and closing a sale.

Unlike regular real estate photography, twilight photography captures a distinct ambiance created during the sunset, making it a unique way to showcase the exterior of a property. This technique provides a warm and inviting atmosphere that cannot be replicated during other times of the day, making it a dramatic and captivating way to highlight the property and its surroundings.

Twilight photography is most suitable for properties with beautiful exteriors, such as well-landscaped gardens, stunning architecture, and unique features best captured during the golden hour. It is especially effective for luxury homes, high-end estates, and properties that offer a breathtaking view.

Certainly, we offer our real estate photography services beyond Sherman Oaks and cover other areas in the Los Angeles region. Our team is willing to travel and provide exceptional photography services to our clients. Covering not just Sherman Oaks but other parts of the country like Porter Ranch, Northridge, and Encino.

Direction To Find Revepix From Sherman Oaks:

Sherman Oaks is a neighborhood located in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California. The Santa Monica Mountains and nearby cities of Bel-Air, Van Nuys, and Encino add more enticement to this already blessed city. With its central location and easy access to major highways and public transportation, Sherman Oaks is an ideal place to live or visit for those looking to explore all that Los Angeles offers.

Assuming the starting point is Dixie Canyon Park, the distance to Revepix’s office is 1.3 miles and expected to take around 22 minutes if there’s minimal traffic. Head to the Ventura fwy from Dixie Canyon park, take a sharp left, and merge into the US-101 Ventura fwy. Cross the Sherman Oaks Castle Park, keep going straight till you reach exit 24 for Tampa Ave, and take a right turn into it. Once you merge into Tampa Ave, go straight till you cross Parthenia St; a few meters ahead, you’ll need to make a right turn at Business Ctr Dr, our Los Angeles Revepix office is located on your left. If you require additional help, please get in touch with the office’s line at (818) 350-3809.