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Benefits of Virtual Tour in Real Estate

Until a decade ago, it seemed a far-fetched dream to experience a place from somewhere else. Pictures and videos were there, but people needed more convincing to feel like they had witnessed something firsthand. A decade on, it’s possible to view an entire property in detail, covering every corner and stone from anywhere around the world. It’s all made possible by virtual reality and its prominent feature of virtual tours. And unsurprisingly, Real Estate is one such industry that has highly reaped the benefits of virtual tours nowadays.

Virtual tours allow humans to walk through an actual property and view its features remotely. It cuts the hassle for both real estate buyers and realtors. The practice is already a success in the industry. In fact, since the majority of humans are increasingly using online platforms to purchase real estate, virtual tours have become an essential part of the real estate industry. Most real estate firms already acknowledge virtual tours and their advantages. But let’s peek into the additional benefits of a virtual tour in real estate as we cover it in detail. 

Using sophisticated software like virtual tours can be challenging for normal people. Realtors aren’t software geniuses; their expertise lies in selling real estate products. But the undeniable essence of virtual tours in real estate makes it a compulsion for realtors to know about it. The projection also shows that virtual real estate stagings are here to stay. 

So realtors should learn how to create virtual tours and use them to their advantage. Virtual tours have already proven effective, and using them to your benefit can enhance the business. Nowadays, the art of selling properties for real estate agents needs persuasion through virtual tours.

Although Revepix provides Virtual Staging on your firm’s behalf in the most professional and complete approach, we highly recommend the firms have an idea for themselves too. 

Let’s look at the 13 Benefits of virtual tours in real estate that every realtor must know. 

1. Save Your Valuable Time

One of the virtual tours key benefits is that they do not require clients or agents to be physically present. It also does not make clients or agents walk through the property. Nobody is compelled to drive to another location to view real estate properties. Interested people can easily tour their property of interest on handphones or computers. Virtual stagings can save a chunk of your time for buyers and sellers in the real estate industry. 

2. Cost Effective & Easy to Create

Virtual tour videos are a relatively new concept. It might be perceived by many as an expensive and sophisticated application. The reality is the opposite. Virtual tours are, instead, cost-effective and easy to create. It is more like a one-time investment with an amazingly high ROI.

However, Virtual stagings need pitch-perfect photographs for a professional result. The clients want to see the property’s best possible angles and views. That is why we recommend the real estate industry hire a professional like Revepix for its virtual tour services.

3. Provides More Detail to Your Property

Virtual staging makes the property tour much more informative than a normal live tour. The firms usually add crucial and attractive information at each point of the virtual staging, and prospective buyers get a detailed understanding of the property. Clients can independently roam the property and collect information on any specific subject at any point in time. 

Revepix’s real estate photography service takes all the persuading and attracting factors into account, providing clients with numerous important details about the property. 

4. Provides a Realistic Experience Of The Property

Virtual tours are not a real-life experience; clients view them from their devices like computers or mobile phones. But the quality it delivers is as close as a real one. Almost every other component of the real estate property is carefully captured in detail. These photos are then compiled to make a virtual tour, giving it a highly realistic view.

In addition, there are advanced tools like 360 and 3D virtual staging by Matterport that can make the virtual tour look even more realistic.

5. Helps In Understanding The Property Layout

Virtual reality is slowly blending with other photography ideas like drones and HDR cameras. These tools capture images from unique angles and ranges. Virtual tours are designed to incorporate such images. It helps clients to see the overall outlook of the property for sale. They can view the property’s external composition from a precise point of view, allowing them to understand the property layout better. For instance, Real estate drone services at Revepix show an aerial view of a real estate property’s exterior. This service shows the property’s external features, which usually go unnoticed in live tours.

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6. How Multiple Properties at One Time

Since virtual tours are seen on the internet, clients can easily view different properties simultaneously. It allows them to easily see another property with only a few clicks on their computers. In addition, it saves potential buyers time and gives them easy access to look at other property listings in one go.

7. Encourage Interactions

Clients can do virtual staging according to their availability and will. The clients can easily do a virtual tour of another property from any place that has internet access. But most real estate firms know virtual tours with prewritten information are sometimes insufficient. Clients might have instant questions or want to be accompanied by a real estate agent amidst their indecisiveness and dilemma. Virtual staging usually has an interactive real estate agent online along with you through the virtual tour. And, even in the cases that they don’t, they have a special feature where they can call an agent on the spot.

8. Generate More ROI

Online platforms, in general, are becoming more crucial for the real estate industry. As the era’s population is shifting towards digital services, the market will also have a higher presence on the internet. For example, research at the National Association of Realtors concluded that more than 90% of prospective buyers use online platforms to start their search for properties.

Virtual tours are a great tool to convince online audiences to purchase the property. It gives real estate firms a high conversion rate and attention generation making virtual tours a positive investment that yields great returns.

9. Visual Information is Long Lasting

It may be a psychological factor for many, but information gathered on visuals is likely to be more memorable. The redundant voices of real estate agents on live tours make it too dull and monotonous. Instead, clients enjoy the tour if it seems animated and visualized. It is a common human psychology that unintentionally adds as a benefit of virtual tours.

10. Increases Search Engine Ranking

Virtual reality is an effective marketing tool for real estate firms. Many inside the industry need to become more familiar with the benefits of virtual tours concerning digital marketing. Virtual tours are a great way to enhance the firm’s website rankings.

Internet is the key area to be proactive for real estate agencies. It is where the maximum lead generation comes from, so being on top of the search engine ranking is crucial. Virtual tours help increase the firm’s search engine ranking.

11. Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Any Property

Another advantage of virtual tours is that it is a good social media marketing tool. It is handy for a robust real estate marketing strategy because social media is home to a large audience.

It was concluded by NAC research, where they surveyed real estate firms. The result showed that 89% of respondents use Facebook in their real estate business and that social media was the top technology tool for the highest lead generation.

It shows the importance of social media in real estate firms. Virtual tours can be embedded and shared on social media platforms, making this unique feature a good marketing tool for the property.

12. Helps to Attract More Buyers

Another NAC research showed that more than 50% of buyers were only interested in seeing the property listings if they had the feature of virtual tours. The research indicates the popularity of virtual staging in the real estate industry. It is a cool, attractive technology that attracts buyers. It not only helps in conversion rates for firms but also is an effective way to boost interest generation.

13. Reduce Website Bounce Rate

Virtual tours hook clients into the website for a longer period. Buyers spend time on virtual tours seeing different features and also trying to look at more property listings. The quest keeps them on the website for longer, significantly decreasing bounce rates. In addition, it gives the firm’s website added advantage while ranking in search results.


It is hard to imagine a real estate website without virtual tour features. The software is becoming more of an essence for firms inside the industry as it generates attention and increases the conversion rate. Prospective buyers also demand more of the software because of its convenience. Since the usage makes life easier for buyers and sellers of the real estate industry, the practice is here to stay. On top of that, the feature is one of the prioritized elements in the online segment, making it a tool that firms can use to their advantage for closing more sales. 

While the basic advantages are known to most, we uncovered in detail to focus on all the benefits of virtual tours in the real estate industry. 


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