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What Is Matterport? How Does Matterport Help Sell Real Estate? 

Matterport Virtual Tour is a newer technology becoming more popular in the real estate industry. 

It helps agents and sellers create a 3D model of the property to assist with marketing and sales. Here we will discuss what Matterport is, how it works, and some of its benefits for real estate professionals.

Read on if you’re considering using Matterport to help sell your property!

What Is Matterport? 

Matterport is a 3D camera system that captures the appearance and dimensions of real-world objects or spaces.

It creates digital models of buildings, interiors, and other environments. Matterport’s technology uses two types of images to create its 3D models: photos and depth maps. Photos capture the visual appearance of an object or space, while depth maps measure the distance between the camera and various points in the scene. 

This information is then used to generate a 3D model viewed from any angle.

Using a Matterport camera, users can scan a space and upload the data to the Matterport platform, where it can be viewed in VR or AR. 

Matterport can be used for various applications, including real estate, architecture, and interior design. In addition, Matterport cameras are also becoming increasingly popular in video games and movies, as they offer a more realistic and immersive experience.


What Is a 3D Matterport Tour? 

A Matterport 3D tour is a three-dimensional virtual tour of an estate or property. 

It is created using the Matterport camera, which captures thousands of images stitched together to create a realistic, three-dimensional representation of the property. For example, a Matterport 3D tour can be used for residential and commercial properties and viewed on a computer, phone, or virtual reality headset. 

In addition to providing potential buyers with a realistic view of the property, Matterport 3D tours can also be used by real estate agents to market properties, by architects to view properties before they are built, and by businesses to showcase their products and services.


What Does Matterport Do, And How Does Matterport Work?

With Matterport, you can virtually explore any space as if you were there.

Matterport’s technology is based on light field imaging, allowing it to capture a space’s geometry and its appearance (including color and texture). It scans the physical area using its proprietary camera system and then creates a highly detailed, digital model of the space. This model can be explored in virtual reality, on a computer, or even on a mobile device.

With Matterport, you can capture and share the whole experience of any space – a home, office, hotel room, or even an entire building. And because it generates accurate measurements of the scanned area.

Matterport comprises a special camera and software that stitch together images to create an immersive, three-dimensional experience.

Matterport’s camera system comprises the Pro2 Camera and the Pro2 Light Bar. 

The Pro2 Camera is a high-resolution, panoramic camera that captures images and data points as you move through a space. The Pro2 Light Bar is an infrared light bar that helps the camera capture accurate measurements and dimensions.

The camera system captures high-resolution 2D images and 3D data points as you move through a space. The software then processes this data to create a realistic, digital space model.

 By wearing a VR headset, you can explore a space as if you were there. For example, Matterport 3D tours are created using unique cameras that capture 3D images of space. 

The Matterport platform also allows you to add audio and video content to your tour, giving you an even more immersive experience. 


Why Use Matterport?

Here are the seven reasons why Matterport is popular and people use it. 

  1. Matterport is an immersive 3D media platform that allows you to create, view, and share virtual spaces.
  2. With Matterport, you can explore a space as if you were there, getting a feel for the layout, scale, and atmosphere.
  3. You can also use Matterport to create virtual tours of spaces, perfect for real estate or hospitality purposes.
  4. Matterport is also great for creating educational content, allowing students to explore and learn about new environments without leaving the classroom.
  5. The platform is also perfect for gaming and entertainment, with many developers using it to create interactive experiences.
  6. Not only is Matterport incredibly versatile, but it’s also easy to use. The platform’s user-friendly interface makes creating and sharing virtual spaces a breeze.
  7. Perhaps, Matterport is affordable, with plans starting at just $9 per month.

With all of these reasons, it’s no wonder that Matterport is one of the most popular immersive media platforms today. So if you’re looking for a way to create and share virtual spaces, Matterport is the perfect solution.


How does Matterport Helps Sell Real Estate?

If you’re looking for a way to take your real estate business to the next level, Matterport is the answer. 

This innovative technology allows you to create 3D models of properties that can be viewed online or in virtual reality. Matterport is excellent for giving potential buyers a realistic sense of a property before they visit in person, and it’s also helpful in generating listing photos and videos that stand out.

 In addition, Matterport can be used to create 3D floor plans, which can be extremely helpful for buyers trying to visualize a home’s layout. 


How To Use Matterport For Real Estate?

One of the best things about Matterport is its straightforward use. 

The camera is compact and portable to be set up anywhere in minutes. And once the tour is created, it can be published online and shared with anyone, regardless of whether they have the Matterport software installed.

Now that you know how Matterport works let’s look at how the real industry can use it.

1. Showcase Properties Online

One of the most obvious uses for Matterport is to create virtual tours of properties that can be published online. This is a great way to give potential buyers or tenants a realistic preview of the space before stepping inside. And since the tours can be accessed 24/7, interested parties can tour a property on their own time and schedule.

2. Create Interactive Floor Plans

In addition to creating virtual tours, Matterport can also be used to generate highly detailed, interactive floor plans. These floor plans can be embedded on websites or shared electronically, and they provide potential buyers or tenants with a great way to get a feel for the layout of a property.

3. Enhance Marketing Materials

In addition to being used online, Matterport tours can also be used in traditional marketing materials such as flyers and brochures. Including a virtual tour of a property in these materials is a great way to grab attention and give interested parties an immersive experience that they won’t soon forget.

4. Boost SEO Rankings

Another significant benefit of using Matterport is that it can help boost your website’s SEO rankings. Search engines love rich media content because virtual tours are considered rich media content. So by embedding a Matterport tour on your website, you’re giving yourself a leg up on the competition.

5. Stand Out From The Crowd

It’s important to remember that Matterport is still a relatively new technology. Also, not many people are using it yet, which gives you an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd. So if you’re one of the first real estate professionals in your area to start using Matterport, you’re sure to impress potential buyers and tenants alike.

Uses Of Matterport For Real Estate

Using Matterport, you can effectively market your property.

Depending on your demands, the program is adaptable enough to sell a range of various properties.


  • If you are a Realtor, you can use Matterport to create an immersive 3D experience for potential buyers who cannot physically visit the property. 
  • Landlords can use Matterport 3D tours as a marketing tool for tenants. This is especially useful for vacant properties or units that are being remodeled. Your audio narration might also help your buyers navigate houses.
  • For those looking to buy a home, Matterport can be used to virtually walk through properties for sale to get a better idea of the layout and size of the rooms. 
  • Take advantage of street views around residences or townhouses to better picture the area. Other drone videos can provide individuals bird’s-eye views from above and below the ground.

Multi-unit residences:  

  • For those looking to buy a multi-unit residence, Matterport can give you a realistic idea of the layout of each unit and the common areas. 
  • Landlords can use Matterport 3D tours to help market vacant units or properties being remodeled. 
  • Prepare ahead of time by answering prospective renters’ inquiries. Viewers may understand why your apartment or condominium complex is the best location to live by reading testimonials or reviews.
  •  Local attractions might be showcased through audio or video.

Businesses/commercial real estate: 

  • Realtors can use it to create virtual tours of museums, hotels, and other tourist attractions. You may also contact remote decision makers immediately, saving them time by eliminating the need to see the listing.
  • For businesses, Matterport can be used to showcase your office space or store in 3D. 
  • If you are looking to lease commercial space, Matterport can give you a realistic view of the layout and size of the area. 
  • For businesses looking to remodel their office space or store, Matterport can be used to show potential customers or clients the changes that have been made. 
  • Viewers may learn more about the building’s layout by watching videos and downloading PDF floor plans. Buyers’ interest is often piqued by images and videos of previous events held at the firm.
  • Buyers may even be able to view what buildings look like while being built, which will help them picture how they’ll appear when they’re done. 

How Much Does Matterport Cost? 

The pricing for Matterport varies depending on the specific package and features you choose. However, you can generally expect to pay somewhere between $3,000-$5,000 for the hardware, plus an additional monthly cloud storage and processing fee.

What’s Included in the Price?

When you purchase a Matterport system, you’re not just getting the camera. The price also includes:

– A subscription to the Matterport Cloud, which is required for processing and storing your 3D models

– A one-year warranty on the hardware

– Free software updates and support

What Factors Affect Price?

There are a few different factors that can affect the price of a Matterport system, including:

  1. The type of camera you choose: Matterport offers two different types of cameras, the Pro2 Light and the Pro2 Plus. The Pro2 Light is their entry-level model, while the Pro2 Plus is their top-of-the-line option.

  1. The features you select: Matterport offers various features, such as creating virtual tours, floor plans, and measurements. You’ll pay more for packages that include these additional features.

  1. The subscription plan you choose: You’ll need to subscribe to the Matterport Cloud to process and store your 3D models, as we mentioned earlier. There are three different subscription plans available, ranging in price from $49 to $499 per month.

  1. The number of cameras you purchase: You can buy a single camera or a multi-camera system, including two or more cameras. Multi-camera systems cost more than single-camera systems, but they can be helpful if you’re planning to scan large spaces.

  1. The accessories you need, Matterport offers various accessories, such as tripods and carrying cases. These items are not required but can make your life easier and are typically very reasonably priced.

Hiring Professional Matterport Photographer Vs. Doing It Yourself

If you’re considering hiring a professional Matterport photographer for your following real estate listing, you may be wondering if it’s worth the cost. After all, Matterport cameras are becoming more and more affordable, and with a bit of practice, anyone can learn to use one. So why pay someone else to do something you could do yourself?

Here are a few things to consider when making your decision:

  • Quality

There’s no denying that professional photographers have access to better equipment and the know-how to use it to produce high-quality results. So if you’re looking for photos that will make your listing stand out, it’s worth investing in a pro.

  •  Time

Capturing all the data needed to create a Matterport model can be time-consuming, especially if unfamiliar with the camera and software. If you don’t have the time or patience to learn, it’s worth paying someone who does.

  • Money

While Matterport cameras are becoming more affordable, they’re still not cheap. If you’re on a tight budget, DIY may be your only option. However, professional photographers typically charge by the hour, so the cost could add up quickly if you have a large or complex property.

  • Experience

Creating a high-quality Matterport model requires more than just pointing and shooting. Professional photographers know how to position the camera for optimal results and use post-processing software to touch up the final product. If you want your listing to wow potential buyers, hiring someone with the experience and expertise to get the job done right is worth hiring.

  • Convenience

Hiring a professional Matterport photographer is also convenient because they can typically schedule appointments around your availability. If you’re trying to do it yourself, you’ll need to work the camera into your already busy schedule, which may not be possible.

At the end of the day, whether or not you hire a professional Matterport photographer is up to you. There are pros and cons to DIY and professional photography, so weigh your options carefully before deciding. 

How does Matterport Compare To Other 3D tours?

Matterport is often compared to other 3D tour providers, but key differences set it apart.

For one, Matterport uses unique cameras and software to create high-quality, realistic 3D models of spaces. For example, you can explore space in VR or take a self-guided tour using your mouse or finger to move around.

Another key difference is that Matterport offers an optional Dollhouse View, which gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire space. This can be helpful when trying to orient yourself or get an overview of ample space. Other 3D tour providers may not offer this feature.

Other 3D tour providers may use 360-degree photos stitched together, giving a less realistic feeling and making navigating an overview of a large space more difficult.

Finally, Matterport also offers the ability to create a digital twin of your space. You can use this copy of your space for training, marketing, or other purposes.

Matterport is the clear leader in the 3D imaging space, but that doesn’t mean other companies aren’t trying to provide similar services. Here’s a look at some of Matterport’s main rivals and how they compare:

  1. Bluebeam Revu: Bluebeam Revu is a 2D and 3D PDF creation and editing software that offers similar functionality to Matterport; however, it cannot create fully immersive 3D experiences as Matterport can. Additionally, Bluebeam Revu is not as widely used or well-known as Matterport, making it difficult to find support or training if needed.

  2. Trimble SketchUp: Trimble SketchUp is a popular 3D modeling program that can be used to create 3D images and experiences. However, it is not as well suited for creating fully immersive 3D environments as Matterport is. Additionally, Trimble SketchUp is not as widely used or well-known as Matterport, making it difficult to find support or training if needed.

  3. Autodesk ReCap: Autodesk ReCap is a photogrammetry software that can be used to create 3D images and experiences from 2D photographs. However, it cannot develop fully immersive 3D experiences as Matterport can. Additionally, Autodesk ReCap is not as widely used or as well-known as Matterport, making it difficult to find support or training if needed.

  4. Leica BLK360: The Leica BLK360 is a compact 3D laser scanner that can be used to create 3D images and experiences, but it cannot develop fully immersive 3D experiences as Matterport can. Additionally, the Leica BLK360 is not as widely used or as well-known as Matterport, making it difficult to find support or training if needed.

  5. FARO Focus3D: FARO Focus3D is a high-end 3D laser scanner that can create 3D images and experiences but cannot develop fully immersive 3D experiences as Matterport can. Additionally, the FARO Focus3D is not as widely used or well-known as Matterport, making it difficult to find support or training if needed.

In conclusion, Matterport is the clear leader in the 3D imaging space. While other companies provide similar services, none of them are as well-suited or as widely used as Matterport. So if you’re looking for the best 3D imaging solution, Matterport is a clear choice.

Pros and Cons Of Using Matterport

Regarding 3D virtual tour technology, few companies have as much experience and expertise as Matterport.

Founded in 2011, Matterport has been a pioneer in the field, helping create some of the first-ever 3D virtual tours for homes and businesses. While there is no doubt that Matterport is a powerful tool, it’s not right for everyone. In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of Matterport to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your needs.


  1. Exceptional 3D imaging quality
  2. Highly realistic virtual tours
  3. Powerful features and functionality
  4. Works with a wide range of devices
  5. Easy to use and user-friendly interface


  1. It Can be expensive
  2. Requires special hardware to capture 3D data
  3. Limited editing capabilities
  4. May not be compatible with all browsers
  5. Requires a strong internet connection

Is Matterport Worth It?

Matterport is an exceptional 3D virtual tour provider, offering some of the highest quality tours available on the market today. 

If you’re looking for a realistic and immersive experience, Matterport is worth considering. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that Matterport can be expensive, and it requires special hardware to capture 3D data. Additionally, there are some limited editing capabilities, and it may not be compatible with all browsers. 

Nevertheless, Matterport is still a powerful tool that can provide an exceptional virtual tour experience.

Matterport Alternatives

As much as we love our Matterport cameras, we understand that they might not be the right fit for everyone. Here are some alternatives to Matterport that you might want to consider:

If you’re looking for a similar product that can create 3D models of physical spaces, you might want to check out Leica Geosystems’ BLK360 laser scanner. This device is designed for professionals who need to create highly accurate 3D models, and it’s been used to capture everything from building interiors to archaeological sites.

If you’re more interested in creating virtual tours, another option is 360Cities. This website lets users upload their own 360-degree panoramic photos, which can be stitched together to create immersive, detailed tours of any location in the world.

And if you’re just looking for a way to capture panoramic photos without all the 3D bells and whistles, there are plenty of apps that can help with that, like Google’s Photo Sphere or Apple’s Panorama.

Why Hire Professional for Matterport Real Estate 3D Tours?

If you’re selling a real estate property, you want to ensure that potential buyers have the best possible experience when they’re touring your property. And if you’re using Matterport to create 3D tours of your listings, you want to make sure that those tours are top-notch.

That’s why it’s worth hiring a professional to create your Matterport real estate 3D tours. 

Here’s why:

  • A professional can help you stage your home for the tour.

If you’re not a professional stager, you might not know how to best arrange your furniture and decor to show off your home in the best possible light. But a professional stager will know exactly how to do that. And when potential buyers are touring your home, they’ll be able to see it at its very best.

  • A professional can help you take great photos.

The photos you include in your Matterport tour are just as important as the 3D images themselves. After all, those photos are what potential buyers will see first when they’re looking at your tour. And if those photos aren’t good, it could turn potential buyers off of your property before they even get to the 3D tour.

A professional photographer will be able to take great photos of your property that will make potential buyers want to see more.

  • A professional can help you create a great 3D tour.

Creating a Matterport real estate 3D tour is not as simple as just taking some pictures and putting them together. There’s a lot of planning and coordination to create a great tour. And if you’re not experienced in doing that, then it’s easy to make mistakes that could cost you, potential buyers.

But when you hire a professional to create your tour, you can be confident that it will be done right. And that means more potential buyers will be interested in your property.

  • A professional can help you market your tour.

Once your tour is created, you need to ensure that potential buyers know about it. And the best way to do that is to market your tour effectively.

A professional can help you create a marketing plan for your tour. And they can also help you implement that plan so that potential buyers will see your tour and be interested in your property.

  • A professional can help you troubleshoot any problems.

If you run into any issues with your Matterport real estate 3D tour, it’s important to have someone who can help you troubleshoot those problems. Otherwise, you might end up losing potential buyers.

But when you hire a professional, they’ll be able to quickly identify any problems and help you fix them. That way, your tour will run smoothly, and you won’t have to worry about losing potential buyers.

Hiring a professional to create your Matterport real estate 3D tours is a great investment. And it’s one that will pay off in the long run. So if you’re serious about selling your home, you should definitely consider hiring a professional to create your tour.

Why Choose Revepix For Matterport 3D Tour of Real Estate?

Revepix is the leading provider of Matterport 3D Tours for real estate. Our technology allows us to create stunning, realistic 3D models of properties that can be used for various purposes, including marketing and virtual reality.

Also, Read Our guide on using Matterport 3D Tour in real estate photography.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Revepix for your next Matterport 3D Tour:

  1. We have the most experience and expertise in the industry.
  2. Our technology is constantly evolving, ensuring that you always have the latest and greatest 3D Tours.
  3. We offer a variety of pricing options to fit your budget.
  4. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service.
  5. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re looking for the best Matterport 3D Tours in the business, look no further than Revepix. Contact us today to get started!

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