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Top 10 Virtual Staging Software 2023

The most important question homeowners ask themselves when looking at a property listing is–does this make me feel at home? Illuminating the comfort of being at home with the help of interior design, furniture settings, and warm lighting can do wonders to stand out in the market. A fully-furnished decorated home is more appealing and inviting. 

Virtual staging is a cost-efficient, faster medium for creative representation for real estate companies. It allows them to create a virtual interior layout of any space, adding furniture, rugs, lights and decor items. This helps buyers visualize how interior elements fit inside the space, showing the full interior potential of a property at first look. 82% percent of real estate agents say that staging a property virtually helps in attracting buyers by giving them a glimpse of, possibly, their future home, according to research by the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Virtual staging refers to creating a virtual interior design and decorating a property space using virtual photo editing tools, software, or applications. It gives the impression of the looks of a property when it is fully furnished and decorated. Buyers have the opportunity to visualize the size, shape, and potential of a space in their first online acquaintance with the listing. 

The real estate market in California is getting more competitive every day. Buyers are given millions of listings on the internet to surf and shortlist their ideal choices. Let’s say, out of one thousand properties in a quick scroll, a future homeowner shortlists 20 favorite ones that stood out to them. Now, a well-designed space with alluring color combinations, furniture styles, and interior settings is bound to turn heads, or in this case, add-to-favorite.

Virtual staging is efficient, consumes less time, removes the hassle of buying furniture and physical staging, and is extremely cost-efficient. It can give the feeling of a property in a matter of days with the magic of professional editing. A space can be represented with its best possible interior design based on its features. It is undoubtedly worth it if you want your property to sparkle in the property market; a virtually staged space can up your game.

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Professional Staging vs. DIY Staging: Which is right for you?

The end goal of professional virtual staging and DIY virtual staging is similar, but the two concepts have evident differences, resulting in different-quality results.

Top 10 virtual staging software 2023

1. Virtual Stager

Virtual Stager is a staging software where you can simply upload a wide-angle or 360 photographs of your space. There are more than 5000 furniture selection options. The designers at Virtual Stager design your space, and you can easily share it as URLs.

2. Housecraft

Simply show your phone’s camera to a space you want to style, and Housecraft will give you options to add furniture, rugs, and decorations with the help of Augmented reality. It allows you to resize furniture and create videos to put up in your property listing.

3. Homestyler

Homestyler is an interior design app that offers 3D house design and visualizing an entire room plan with decorations. It uses Augmented Reality to work better with the size and proportion of spaces.

4. iStaging

Along with an easy-to-use interface for staging your room on your own, iStaging offers direct one-on-one video calls as well as a YouTube screening of your property. The application also has options to look into customer demographics, and track customer traffics to your property.

VSH Media app allows you to upload images of your space to their database, and the application will design the space for you in a couple of hours with the resources in the app library. You can track the progress in real time, and the images can be shared directly on social media or other web platforms.

6. Apply Designs

Apply Designs lets you upload 2D or 360 images to its interface. It provides catalogs with pre-selected furniture and decoration options that you can rearrange for your space. These unique features cut down the time and effort needed to look for the right furniture simply by experimenting with different catalogs.

7. AR Decorator

It is an Augmented Reality Decorator mobile software app that allows you to project your virtual staging ideas into your room with the help of AR. It helps you experiment with different design styles and furniture choices from a widespread catalog in its library. 

8. Room Planner

Room Planner is an Interior Design app that allows you to create a 3D model of your real estate property. You can select the shape and size of the room based on your space, and the app library will provide you with thousands of furniture options to complete your interior 3D model.

9. HomeByMe

HomeByMe app allows you to furnish and decorate your home in 3D. It has an extensive library of pre-added furniture styles and design choices that help you play around with different designs to find an ideal one for your home.

10. Moblo

Moblo is an easy-to-use app for staging a space virtually that incorporates different types of furniture in any space using AR. It also has an additional feature for illustrating certain design options.


Virtually staged properties are the future of the real estate industry in California. Virtual staging software is an efficient way of showcasing the potential of a property in the online marketplace, with a much wider audience reach. You can access extensive resources and tools for your graphic editors and interior designers to bring out their best in your property. You can easily purchase such software online if you want to sell your property in the market. 

We at Revepix have a team of expert designers with years of experience in virtually designing ideal structures for empty or cluttered spaces. Contact us today to enhance your space virtually.

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