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6 Tips For Real Estate Agents To Use Drone Marketing For Real Estate

In this day and age, real estate agents need to be utilizing all the tools available to them to get ahead of the competition. 

Drones are becoming more and more popular for use in marketing, especially for real estate.

If you’re looking to incorporate drone photography or videography into your marketing strategy, here are some tips to help you get started reaping the benefits of drones in real estate:

6 Tips For Real Estate Drone Marketing

1. Educate yourself and research how drone photography for real estate works.

Before using drones for real estate marketing photography, as a real estate agent, you must understand how drones work and about licensing, insuring, and other legal protocols surrounding drones. 

And if you decide to hire a professional photographer, you should understand the difference between traditional and drone photographers. For example, you may believe that a photographer specializing in conventional photography or virtual tours is also capable of shooting drones, which may be true for some but not all. 

The skill sets are very different, and it’s always best to look for a licensed drone pilot with years of experience flying real estate drones.

2. Get permission from homeowners and local neighbors first.

Firstly, it’s essential to respect the privacy of the people who live on the property you’re photographing. 

Secondly, you don’t want to cause any annoyance or disturbance to the homeowner or neighbors. Finally, if yo’re using aerial footage or photographs for commercial purposes, you may need special permission from the relevant authorities.

So, before you take your drone out for a spin to photograph that dream house, check with the homeowner and neighbors to see if they have any objections. 

And if you’re using aerial footage or photographs for commercial purposes, familiarize yourself with the relevant laws and regulations.

3. Hire an FAA-licensed drone pilot

A licensed drone pilot has met all the requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly a drone for commercial purposes. This includes completing an FAA-approved training course and passing a written test.

Drone photography can be an excellent tool for real estate agents to market their properties. However, hiring an unlicensed pilot can be risky, as they may not be familiar with drone flight regulations. However, if something goes wrong while the drone is in flight, it could result in severe penalties for the pilot.

Hiring a licensed drone pilot is the best way to ensure that your property photos will be taken safely and legally. In addition, they will know all the rules and regulations surrounding drone flights and will be able to execute your photoshoot correctly.

Choosing a qualified licensed drone pilot will help you avoid any potential headaches down the road. 

4. Communicate your expectations clearly and specifically with your drone pilot

You need to communicate your expectations and requirements to your drone pilot specifically and clearly. Communication will help ensure that you get the results you want.

There are a few reasons why communication is so crucial in this case. First, drone pilots have different levels of experience and expertise. What may be a simple request for one pilot could be more complicated for another. 

Communicating your expectations and requirements can help ensure that the pilot understands what you want and can deliver accordingly.

Second, different pilots use different equipment and have different flying styles. This means that what works well for one pilot may not work well for another. Therefore, communicating your expectations and requirements can help the pilot choose the right equipment and flying style for your project.

Finally, communication helps avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. By clearly stating what you want from your real estate drone photography project, you can help ensure everyone involved is on the same page. This will help keep the project running smoothly and avoid any potential problems.

Overall, communication is key when it comes to real estate drone photography. By communicating your expectations and requirements to your pilot specifically and clearly, you can help ensure that the project goes smoothly and that you get the desired results.

5. Have a sleek, designed, and simple-to-use website 

There are plenty of reasons you need an excellent website to do drone marketing for real estate. 

A well-designed and functional website will help you showcase your properties in the best possible light. You can capture the attention of potential buyers with aerial footage and beautiful images. You can use it to reach a wider audience. 

Using the latest marketing techniques, you can spread the word about your properties to buyers worldwide. A good website will help you stay ahead of the competition. With so many other real estate agents using drone marketing, it’s crucial to have a website that stands out.

The better you can use the website for more possible it gets to close more sales. With stunning visuals and an easy-to-use layout, your website can be a powerful tool in helping you close more deals.

6. Share your drone marketing media far and wide.

All the efforts that went into drone photography and videography for real estate go for nothing if you don’t put your time into marketing using the media. Drone shorts for real estate are high-end marketing materials.

You should share the materials produced far and wide for people to see them, be interested in them, and potential buyers to be willing to take the desired action. In addition, social media, other real-estate online directories, and video marketing mediums should be used to make your marketing media available everywhere for everyone in your targeted audience to see and reach out to you with queries. 

Drone marketing can garner interest from potential buyers quickly and close the deals faster. 


If you’re a real estate agent looking for an edge on your competition, consider using drone marketing to showcase your properties. 

Drone photography and videography can give potential buyers a unique view of the property that they may not get from traditional photos or videos. 

Hire Revepix to help you take your real estate marketing to the next level with stunning aerial footage of your properties. We’ll work with you to create a video and photo package to show off your listings in the best light possible and help you close more sales. 

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