Real Estate Drone Videography

real estate drone videography


Traditional photography on its own, while still excellent, isn’t all that’s needed anymore to generate interest in such a fiercely competitive digital world. To really let your listing shine, you need to include drone photos and video whenever possible.

While standard photography is limited by the physical height and daring nature of your photographer, drone photography holds no such boundaries to what can be captured. With a drone, potential buyers can get a greater view of the amazing neighborhood or natural elements surrounding a property.

Want to show that a property is only minutes from the nearest beach? That property is comfortably nestled in the hills? Drones will help highlight these elements for you that, simply put, can not be captured with a standard DSLR.


Drone videography and photography make a big difference and increase your prospects of selling properties much faster and for the highest price possible.

If you are still unconvinced, here are a few things for you to consider:

  • It sets you apart from realtors relying solely on standard photos and videos.
  • Gives a greater picture of the location and layout of the property by accurately displaying the size of the property, attractions, and amenities in the neighborhood.
  • Can highlight unique features of the property such as a pool, specially designed backyard, or unique construction of the property itself.

We have written a dedicated post about the top benefits of drones in real estate photography and videography.


Professional drone photography costs $150. Whereas, cinematic drone videography covering both the outside and inside aspects of your real estate is included in professional drone filming for $300.

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The single best real estate photography, video, and drone images I have ever used.  Daniel communicates quickly, is easy to schedule and deal with, and he makes the most beautiful photos for our listings.  His prices are reasonable, and he goes out of his way to accommodate.  Turn around is quick, and he will not stop until his customers are satisfied.  He is the only real estate photographer I use now, and his work has certainly shined in my listing appointments.  Because of Daniel my listing presentation is so strong, I outshine our competition.

Henry C.

What an amazing experience! I got an email from reve about there promotion and I called right away. They were able to do the full drone package just 1 day after. Daniel was the photographer that was sent but even the lady at the call center was so nice. The pictures were even more amazing! I got a drone video in Canyon Country for my listing, for such an amazing price. They even gave me a website included for the house. Daniel is so knowledgeable about this field don’t think twice, call him and he’ll know exactly what to do for your listing.

David B.



What are real estate drone photography and videography?

Real estate drone photography and videography refer to capturing footage with a drone from unique angles in the sky to showcase the property as a whole. It gives a more detailed view of the location and not just the property itself.

How important are real estate drone photos and videos?

Drone videos can exhibit features that general photos or videos cannot. Aerial shots can show the land coverage of a house, hidden features, expensive yards, nearby beaches, the surrounding neighborhood and much more. This is very useful to keep your online viewers well informed and entice them into making a quicker move.

How much does it cost to hire a drone videographer?

Drone videography, on average, can cost you anywhere between a range of $70-$250 per hour. However, Revepix offers high-end drone photography for $150 and professional cinematic drone videography for $300.