Real Estate Photography Filters

What are the basic real estate photography filters?

Real Estate Photographer Basic Filters

As photography gets more important daily, filters for DSLRs and cameras, along with filters on Instagram, become a crucial part of our media capturing processes. 

With the daily increase in high-quality rich media, the use of filters is becoming more and more prominent. Photographers use different filters for their photos for social media and other fields, such as real estate.

This article will share our years of real estate photography experiences using basic photography filters. 

Let’s get into it asap.

For years, we’ve used different filters for our real estate photography, which could be divided into two categories. 

Physical filters are basic photography filters made from various materials, such as glass, plastic, or metal. UV, ND, and circular polarizers are the three most common physical filters for cameras like the SLRs, including Kenny Sony Nikon black magic. Physical filters are attached to the camera body or the lens itself. 

Digital filters are software-based and are applied to the image after it has been taken. Digital filters can improve contrast, brightness, or color balance. They can also reduce noise, sharpen images, or add vignetting.

Real Estate Photography and Photographers

Real estate photography is the art of taking photographs of properties. Real estate photography aims to show potential buyers what the property looks like and to get them interested in buying it. 

A real estate photographer is a professional who takes pictures of properties for sale. Real estate photographers typically work for real estate agents or brokers, and their job is to make the properties they photograph look as appealing as possible to potential buyers. 

Real estate photographers use various techniques to take these photographs, including using real estate photography filters, special lighting, angles, and framing.

The trend of real estate photography in the United States has been increasing for the past 5 years. Why? Due to the different benefits of real estate photography. We’ve written about it in our previous article; Why use professional real estate photography?

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Basic Filters Used By Real Estate Photographers:

Realtors are always looking for real estate photographers. Because excellent photographers capture photos from great angles, apply stunning filters, and enhance the photos, which increases the probability of selling a listing.

Here are some filters that we’ve used as real estate photographers while working:

Skylight/UV/Haze Filter

A skylight/UV/Haze Filter is usually mounted on the camera lens to protect the lens from dust. So why add a layer of UV lenses? So the sun’s UV rays do not damage your lens. UV filters are one of the greatest ways to protect your camera and lens with minimal drawbacks. 

When you look straight into the sun with your lens, it can be harmful to the lens, which is why people use this filter as a preventative measure. When the camera drops, it also takes most of the impact and sometimes saves the lens. It happened to our photographer in the past with their 1635 mm F2.8 G master lens from Sony, which was over $2500.

Circular Polarizer

Circular Polarizers are the favorite lens of many photographers. The circular polarizer removes reflections. Now you might be wondering why this is beneficial. There are many reasons why removing reflections can make a photo look better.

When shooting a bathroom with a reflective glass door on the shower, the circular polarizer can remove the reflection, so the photographer does not show up. Instead, you see through the glass directly to the beautiful tiles in the back.

When one of our photographers was shooting cars like Bugatti’s and Pagani’s photos, the circular polarizer removed the reflection of the sky and other color reflections so you could see the car’s actual color, which made this incredible effect, especially on darker cars. If you’ve seen some great car photos on Instagram, it was probably shot with a circular polarizer.

If you have one, you can add the polarizing filter to your drone camera. Our drone photographers use polarizing filters on their DJI Drone. When shooting oceans, you will see much more vivid colors. For example, suppose you’re shooting a location in the Mediterranean sea, similar to Hawaii, where the ocean color is bright. In that case, the circular polarizer will help drastically bring out these colors.

Instagram filters

We like to use the default Instagram story filters on our stories, and there are a great number of amazing filters that we can use. Our favorite is the Cairo filter. This filter turns blues into a lighter blue/turquoise color, so we use this on our beach/vacation shots. It also brings up the mid tones in the shadows. 

The Tokyo filter turns the image to black-and-white and adds contrast to the image, which we also like to use from time to time. We also like to use the Jaipur filter, which adds contrast and colors. 

And the Los Angeles filter adds a lot of warmth and sharpness, which is great for adding details to interior furniture.

Neutral Density(ND) Filter

Neutral density filters are used to darken what the camera sees. However, it is not necessarily to make the image darker. Still, it is more often used for longer exposures and certain camera settings that are not achievable in the current amount of brightness in the scene. 

For example, if you take a long exposure shot of a waterfall, you will see this cool blur effect of the water in motion. But if it’s broad daylight, you can’t do a long exposure shot because the image would be too bright and bone out. 

It is why Andy filters are used most of the time during real estate photography. You can take a long exposure shot in broad daylight without the colors being blown out, achieving your desired waterfall effect.

Graduated Neutral Density Filter

A Graduated Neutral Density Filter is an optical neutral filter to click photos on a bright day. It darkens the bright sky so that you can expose the sky and objects properly.

It captures beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, and architectural images, providing better object details and color saturation.

Variable Neutral Density Filter

This filter adjusts the light entering the camera. It blocks the amount of light which allows us to adjust light levels. The filters may conflict if you set them beyond the minimum and maximum values. Ensure you’re within the filter’s lowest and maximum settings, and only rotating the rings at most is recommended to maintain the light levels.

How Professional Photographers Capture Like a Filter Used Real Estates Photos?

There are a few ways a professional real estate photographer captures stunning photos that look as if a filter is applied. 

Professional photographers use various techniques to capture photos that look like they took them with real estate photography filters. 

Some common techniques include using a wide-angle lens to capture a panoramic view, using a long exposure to capture the movement of the clouds, and using a high ISO to capture photos in low light. They may also use a special camera that is designed for real estate photography.

Professional photographers do a few things to ensure that their photos look like they have been taken with a filter. 

  • First, they ensure the camera is set to the correct white balance. 
  • Second, they use a tripod to keep the camera steady. And photographers use Photo Editing Technology to enhance their photos.
  • Finally, they use a high-quality lens to get the best possible image.

How can Revepix help you with professional real estate photography?

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So, if you want to take the help of a professional real estate photographer, our team at Revepix is always ready to capture. Visit our pricing page to learn about our real estate photography pricing, or you can easily  Contact us or book now.


If you are new to real estate photography, consider investing in basic photography filters. These filters will help you take better photos, and they will also protect your camera from damage. For example, consider using basic photography filters to help improve your photos as a real estate photographer. 

In addition, using a filter can also help reduce the amount of light reflected off of your subject, which can help improve the overall quality of your photos. The above are the basic filters that real estate photographers use. These filters are just some of the available ones but are the most common. If you are interested in real estate photography, these filters will help you get started.

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