Shot Real Estate with a Canon T3i for 5 years. Time for an Upgrade

Real Estate Photography Canon T3i

I have been doing real estate photography in los angeles for about 5 years now. The same equipment lasted me this long. The canon t3i and the canon 10-22mm lens. I have shot almost a thousand homes with this camera and I can’t complain. Many fellow real estate photographers don’t believe when I tell them what camera I use.

I have shot homes from a mobile home in santa paula for $80,000 to a beach-side mansion in malibu for $25,000,000. With a dslr you have control and you can take the perfect image. I recently purchased a t2i because it was included in a bundle that I couldn’t refuse. Photographers for Value Home Photos borrowed my t2i and it still got the job done. As long as you have a tripod you are fine.

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My Upgrade – Sony a7 iii:

I am upgrading because

#1. I want to shoot my exteriors handheld.

#2 I want a camera that can film better video.

#3 I want to test out the Sony ICHDR.

#4 I want to try out Sony’s mirrorless technology.

I need a tripod for all my hdr photos because the t3i doesn’t have the best dynamic range. After all, it is 8 years old. I bracket my shots and spend a lot of time using my tripod on exteriors. A lot of colleagues take the pictures handheld and adjust accordingly in Adobe Lightroom. The t3i videos don’t look crisp at all. You can see some examples on the revepix videography page . I don’t need to talk about how good the sony is at video. You can look that up, but it is elite in the current market. Sony has an in camera hdr system that I want to try. This can save hours of workflow. Finally, I want to own a mirrorless camera and see how it feels day to day. I can rent one but one time use doesn’t suffice. Contact Me to see how the upgrade went!

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