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Top 10 Benefits of Drones in Real Estate Photography

Drones are currently the latest hero of the real estate industry. Anyone in the real estate business knows what looks good online sells well. Property may look good physically, but buyers won’t know or even show interest until they see how good it looks online.

The real estate drone services utilize remote-controlled flying drones with some of the best photo and video-taking capabilities available. These commercial real estate drones are incredibly mobile and have several practical uses that may assist you in taking your real estate marketing to the next level.


Benefits of Drones in Real Estate

Drones are being utilized for many real estate listings, including residential houses, apartments, resorts, empty land, commercial properties, and others. Nowadays, drone camera technology can capture still photographs, video, numerous overhead map views, and even 360-degree panoramas.

While there are many applications of drones in real estate marketing, the enlisted benefits give every realtor the best chance at making their properties stand out and generate sales faster

  • Aerial View of Location

One of the most significant advantages of using drones for real estate is the ability to observe a property’s position with neighboring attractions, facilities, parks, airports, and so on. The easiest way to catch everything is plainly from above. 

Buyers looking for properties away from their current location will want to see more of the new area. Providing real estate drone video would make your property stand out, drawing in the potential buyer’s interest.

  • Accurate depiction of the property with real estate drone photos

Using drones for aerial photography in real estate may provide purchasers with a much more realistic and far more appealing representation of what the property is truly like. Aerial views may let purchasers see the condition of otherwise inaccessible parts of a property, such as roofs, gutters, vents, and so on.

The drones can also be used for the accurate measurements of the commercial real estate property for drone mapping. 

  • Allows virtual tour of town/ neighborhood

Drone photography in real estate also helps you highlight aspects of the property that you previously could not—in the past, presenting the area where a home is located offered particular obstacles in real estate marketing.

This might include woodlands and farms in a more rural setting or businesses and town centers in a more urban one. This provides potential buyers unfamiliar with the region some insight into where the property they are buying is located and what makes the surrounding area worthwhile to invest in. It also makes things easy for purchasers from other places, expanding a client base.

  • More affordable than conventional real estate aerial photography

Aerial photos were formerly exclusively captured by aircraft or helicopters, which necessitated the rental of an airplane, a pilot, and an aerial photographer. The expense of those technologies is often out of reach for most businesses. 

Drone photography for real estate is now considered a safer, quieter, more accurate, and, of course, far less expensive approach. 

  • Personal and up-close view of the property

Real estate drone photography allows you to show off the entire exterior and interior of a house by hovering above it, inside it, and capturing a perspective that other means just cannot. 

Overhead viewpoints of a house may be captured using real estate aerial photos, giving visitors a more precise impression of the size and overall appearance of the home. In addition, buyers can have a personal and close view of the property inside out and imagine what it would feel like living in that property. 

  • Return on Investment in using drones in real estate

According to studies, listing agents that utilize drones for real estate might experience a 73 percent boost in listings and a 68 percent rise in transaction closings.

According to another survey, “83 percent of house sellers prefer to work with an agent that uses drones.” With these types of figures, agents may potentially earn tens of thousands of dollars every year. Thus, it is crucial to consider that investment in real estate photography with drones could bring a multiple-fold return on that investment.

  • Attract potential buyers online

There is plenty of research to show that most of the population looking to buy property first does a search online before reaching out to real estate agencies or agents. 

Real estate aerial photography and drone videos provide immersive photos and videos of properties on marketing channels to attract buyers to make a first impression.

  • Keeping up with real estate trends and technology

According to a 2020 forecast by the National Association of Realtors, millennials would account for 38% of homebuyers in America in 2020.  If you’re trying to appeal to a generation that grew up with the internet and a quickly changing technology environment, you’ll need to be creative. 

Real estate photography with drones is a technical adaptation that has become an increasing trend. If you keep up with real estate trends and technology, it will appeal to the growing tech-savvy home-buying population.

  • Marketing properties in a way regular photos cannot

Real estate aerial photography raises your level of marketing potential. For example, you produce photos and videos of properties that people would want to save and share on social media, which adds value to your marketing efforts and brand building. 

Homebuyers would look and ask for opinions from their friends and family before closing the deals on properties they have narrowed down. They share photos and videos, and through such exchanges of content produced using drones in real estate, realtors can also make an impression on prospective buyers’ circles.  

  • Drone photography helps realtors build their brands

According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), the country has over 2 million active real estate licensees. There’s a good chance you’re not the only realtor in town. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to appeal to home buyers and sellers alike to build the brand. Using the latest real estate marketing tools and techniques like drones help you compete in the market. Real estate drone photos and videos attract buyers and sellers and generate sales faster. Faster sales mean a better reputation that aids your brand building. 

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