3 Ways Drone Photography Can Add to Your Real Estate Listings

Drone and aerial photography can be a great way for you to capture stunning images of your properties to use for your business. Your customers will see your listings online before they eversee them in person, so it’s important that your properties stand out among the hundreds of others. Real estate is a competitive industry and aerial photography has become the most common method to represent a property effectively by showing its surrounding environment. Having quality images from a birds-eye view is a key element of the sales process. To ensure the success of your real estate business, here are the three main ways drones and aerial photography can benefit your real estate business.

1. Captivating imagesDrone photography can be used to capture stunning images of subjects of all kinds, especially real estate properties. Drones are equipped with GPS features which allows you to create high-quality and effective images to use for your listings. If you’re considering adding aerial photography to your business, you may be inclined to use a drone made for kids like these and do it yourself. However, hiring a professional is the best way to get drone footage. These trainedprofessionals use top end drones to capture photos that will look the best for your business. An aerial photographer will be able to show your property from a unique point of view which will grab a future customer’s attention and generate interest much better than ground-based photography.


2. Virtual toursAnother great way drone photography can add to your real estate business is by utilizing it for virtual tours. An interesting and engaging tour of your property could be what compels a potential buyer to contact you. While it’s unsafe to physically fly a drone indoors, they can still be used to take high-quality videos. When you hire a professional, they will remove the drone’s propellers and use the drone’s high-quality camera to walk through the home holding the drone and capturing footage. Most drones come with strong gimbal systems which will help keep the video steady. Take your virtual tours a step further by adding a voiceover soundtrack. This in combination with the video will create an amazing visual story that’s memorable and informational for customers.


3. Property featuresWhen listing a property, you will want to feature all the most important features. Features such as landscaping, outdoor living, walking paths, and pools are all considered by potential buyers. Aerial photography can capture these important property elements to help people get an idea of the home both indoors and outdoors. While there are many drones for beginners (see some here), professional drone photography services can capture the entire yard with one photographand show the big space of the property to home buyers. Professional drones are also equipped with built-in high-quality cameras that will be able to capture every last detail of your property. This extra effort of showing customers detailed features will help your business catch the eye of potential buyers. In a world driven by digital media, it’s important that your business is adapted to this. Having a business with a strong digital media presence will especially help you stand out in the real estate market. Consider hiring an aerial drone photographer and videographer pilot to help your real estate properties stand out amongst the hundreds of listings people are choosing from. There are many benefits of using aerial photos and videos to help your real estate business stand out and be successful.